Radha Mohan 29th November 2022 Written Update:

Radha Mohan 29th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Pratap says that he did everything on Damini’s command. Damini lets Mohan know that she sat idle. Radha asks Damini that for what good reason Pratap accusing her assuming she is blameless. Mohan requests that Damini reply.

Ketki says that she thought Damini since starting. Kaveri says that she ought to have passed on prior to seeing this. She guarantees that Pratap is lying. She tells Mohan that Damini is unadulterated. Kadambari lets Kaveri know that nobody can change reality.

Kaveri inquires as to whether the last option would have confided in Pratap on the off chance that he took Rahul or Ketki’s name. She says that Kadambari don’t adore and trust Damini by any means. Mohan requests that Kaveri stop her theatrics.

Pratap says that Kadambari gave cash to fix bomb in the transport. Mohan lashes out hearing him and he attempts to go after Pratap. Pratap acts like an insane individual. Damini reviews that how she advised Pratap to behave like he is insane. Pratap swoons.

Specialist looks at Pratap and reprimands Police auditor for carrying Pratap to Trivedi house when he didn’t release Pratap yet. Police controller lets Specialist know that he needed to know the driving force behind the bomb impact. Specialist uncovers that Pratap is deranged so they can’t believe Pratap and court will not acknowledge Pratap’s assertion. He reviews that how he conversed with Damini about likely arrangement. Police investigator apologizes to him.

Specialist faults Trivedi family as well. He says that he realize about Gungun’s care case and in the event that this news came out then court won’t give authority to crooks. Radha asks him that how might he join the two cases. Mohan says that Specialist is correct. He demands Specialist to not tell about it to anybody and take Pratap for treatment.

Radha requests that Mohan stop Pratap. Mohan tells her that she know nothing and her error can influence authority case and leaves from that point. Kadambari lets Radha know that the last’s expectation was great however their little slip-up can isolate them from Gungun. Everybody leaves for sanctuary aside from Radha and Damini.

Damini lets Radha know that the last option can’t stop her. Radha lets Damini know that she will uncover her one day without a doubt. Damini tells her that Specialist is her fellow and Radha isn’t adequately brilliant to beat her.

Radha picks Police investigator’s call and discovers that Pratap got away from police authority. Damini tells Radha that Pratap got away from subsequent to going after Specialist so Radha can do nothing now. Radha lets Damini know that this isn’t love. Damini says that she might actually endanger Mohan’s life to get Mohan. She takes steps to kill Gungun.

Radha slaps Damini. She cautions her to not discuss Gungun and says she is mother of Gungun. She requests her to not dream from contacting Gungun. Damini is going to slap Radha yet quits inclination Tulsi’s soul presence. Tulsi’s soul holds Radha’s hand saying that she is with her. Radha feels like somebody held her hand and she tells about it to Damini.

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