Ajooni 29th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode starts with Rajveer lets Ajooni know that he never saw Ravinder like this. He says that he is the justification behind his dad’s condition. He argues her to pull out the grumbling. Ajooni lets Rajveer know that she can do anything for him yet she can’t uphold wrong deed. That’s what she says on the off chance that she excuse Harman and Bebe, nothing will change in this house. He vows to help her generally. He implores her to pull out the grumbling for the wellbeing of he. She consents to pull out the grumbling and goes out.

Ravinder lets Mangi Smash know that he have all that still he can do nothing for his mom and his better half. Mangi Smash lets him know that they will track down an answer without a doubt. Shikha advises Ravinder that she need to help him.

Ravinder asks her that for what reason she is meandering in his home still. She is sorry to him for her mix-up. He faults her for everything. Mangi Slam lets Ravinder know that they can make Shikha tell Media correspondents that Harman and Bebe are blameless people.

In the police headquarters, Ajooni tells Police reviewer that she came to pull out the objection. Police reviewer tells her that it’s a decent choice and heads inside. One woman hears their discussion. She lets Ajooni know that her significant other used to thrash her everyday in the wake of drinking. She says that she chose to show a thing or two to her better half in the wake of watching Ajooni on news. She requests that she not ease off.

Ravinder tells media columnists that he called them there to defend his loved ones. He says that every one of the allegations are off-base and Karuna misread everything. He requests that Shikha come clean. Shikha tells Media correspondents that her duppata burst into flames because of her inconsiderateness and Rajveer and Harman saved her.

Ravinder tells Media journalists that it was a mishap. Media journalist requests Ravinder that what’s the utilization from Shikha’s explanation when Ajooni gave objection against Baggas. Media correspondents leaves from that point. Rajveer comes there and asks Ravinder that what is this. Ravinder lets him know everything. Rajveer illuminates him that Ajooni went to police headquarters to pull out the grievance.

Police controller brings Harman and Bebe. Ajooni says that she will pull out the protest on a condition. She requests that Harman and Bebe give composed articulation that abusive behavior at home will not repeat in Bagga house. Bebe chides Ajooni.

Harman undermines Ajooni to pull out the grievance. Ajooni lets them know that they didn’t change by any means. Police examiner says that on the off chance that Ajooni didn’t pull out the protest today then Bebe and Harman need to remain in police headquarters for two days. Bebe curses Ajooni and she behaves like she had respiratory failure.

Afterward, Police and Ajooni carries Bebe to Bagga house. Harman calls Ravinder and illuminates him about Ajooni’s condition. She faults Ajooni for Bebe’s condition. Shikha hears their discussion.

Precap – Ravinder hauls Ajooni out of the room. Police examiner tells Rajveer that Ajooni wouldn’t pull out the protest at end second.

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