RadhaKrishn 30th November 2022 Written Update:

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Radha offers bhog/food to cows and expectations they like it. Aristasur thinks Vrindavan residents are simpleton to serve gala to a beast who needs to kill Krishna. Mahadev and Devi Gauri talk about that Aristrasur doesn’t have the foggiest idea getting feast by means of devi Radha.

Radha serves blowout to all cows with the exception of Aristasur. Aristasur exhaust seeing that and thinks Radha is a blockhead not to serve food to him. Radha says he is a bonehead who came to kill Krishna and cautions him to return back or, more than likely she will kill him. Aristasur figures he will kill even Radha alongside Krishna.

Mahadev says Devi Radha did a good job for not taking care of Aristasur. Devi Gauri asks who is Aristasur. Mahadev portrays that Aristasur was a brahmin Vartantu in previous existence who supplicated dev master Brahaspati and got a shelter that no one can overcome him and he ought to be generally strong. He gets presumptuous and thinks he is unfading.

Mahadev proceeds with that even rishi Brihaspati got pompous and looked for help from Brahmadev to meet his #1 lover Vartantu. Rishi Brihaspati arrives at Vartantu who pompously makes trouble with him and persuades a revile to be brought into the world as a cow in his next life and subsequently borns as a beast bull Aristasur in next life.

Mahahdev keeps on depicting how Brahmadev committed Brihaspati understand his error and says he ought not be glad for anybody without passing judgment on them. Radha vents out her displeasure on Aristasur by on masalas in a processor.

Krishna strolls to her and inquires as to whether she is venting out Aristasur’s indignation on masalas. Radha says she won’t extra any individual who will attempt to inconvenience Krishna. Krishna inquires as to whether she cherishes him to such an extent. Radha says OK. Krishna says he can’t wed her however as her Kirtida aunt told Yashoda maiya that she is as yet a youthful youngster.

Radha strolls to Kirtida and questions assuming Yashoda aunt asked something. Kirtida says Yashoda discussed Radha’s marriage and she told Radha is as yet a youthful youngster and not prepared for marriage yet. Radha says she is prepared for marriage and is adequately adult. Krishna thinks just Aristasur can accomplish something now.

Precap: Balram indignantly attempts to go after Aristasur. Nand stops him and declares to rebuff him for offending a cowherd family. Krishna says Balram responded on his solicitation, so he ought to be rebuffed all things considered.

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