Ajooni 30th November 2022 Written Update:

Ajooni 30th November 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode starts with Rajveer calls the specialist. Bebe lets Rajveer know that she will bite the dust since it’s tormenting a great deal. Ravinder hauls Ajooni out of Bebe’s room. He tells Rajveer that Ajooni didn’t pull out the objection yet.

Police controller illuminates Rajveer that Ajooni wouldn’t pull out the objection at end second. Ajooni requests that Ravinder open the entryway. Shikha insults Ajooni. She says that Ravinder will toss Ajooni out of the house as well. She adds that nobody will trust Ajooni now and leaves from that point.

Ravinder advises Police monitor to complete the administrative work. He insults Rajveer for supporting Ajooni generally. Rajveer leaves the room. He faults Ajooni for Bebe’s condition. He says that Ajooni will do nothing since her self image is significant for her. He tells her that he will get Harman and Bebe delivered and he needn’t bother with her assistance and goes out.

Rajveer gives Ajooni’s pull out letter to Police controller. Police discharges Harman. Rajveer gets close to home seeing his mom and embraces her. He carries Harman to Bagga house. Harman lets Ajooni know that like she said she needn’t bother with her assistance. She takes Ravinder’s gifts. Rajveer uncovers that how cheated for Harman’s delivery.

He reproves Ajooni for her activities. He tells her that he isn’t doing anything against her since he love her. Ajooni inquires as to whether he will beat her since that is the idea of his loved ones. He lifts his hand to slap Ajooni however controls his outrage. He pushes her on the couch and heads inside. Harman and Shikha grins seeing that.

Ravinder says that its a decent day for him. He lets Ajooni know that she was fortunate to get a spouse like Rajveer however she destroyed everything with her activities. Harman says that Rajveer lost serve ticket and she went to police headquarters so Ajooni merits discipline.

Ravinder tells Harman that Rajveer rebuffed Ajooni as of now. He says that they needn’t bother with Ajooni. He requests that Ajooni take off from the house. Ajooni says that she lost Rajveer’s trust despite the fact that she didn’t call Karuna. She says that she will not go anyplace until she effectively defends herself.

In the room, Rajveer reviews the minutes he imparted to Ajooni ( Bekhayali tune plays behind the scenes ). He likewise reviews the new episodes. He breaks Ajooni’s photograph and damages his hand in that cycle. He asks her that for what valid reason she preferred this.

Karuna lets Ajooni know that she did everything on the grounds that Ajooni gave protest against Baggas. She asks her that how could the last option pull out the objection now. Ajooni tells Karuna that Bebe isn’t well. She tells her that she didn’t advised her to bring media correspondents. Karuna asks her that who settled on that phony decision. Ajooni advises her that she additionally need to know that.

Precap – Ajooni gives the call rundown to Ravinder to demonstrate she didn’t call Karuna. She says that the individual who called Karuna is available there.

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