Punyashlok Ahilyabai 28th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Khanderao adulating Ahilya. He says Malwa needs you more than me, guarantee me, you will The Episode begins with Khanderao adulating Ahilya. He says Malwa needs you more than me, guarantee me, you will constantly be there to safeguard Malwa. She says I guarantee, yet when you are with me. He says when I become Subedaar, what will you call me. She says like I generally call you. He says I won’t be Chote Subedaar.

She grins. He says you are getting timid like we got hitched today. She says I feel along these lines, Subedaar ji. He asks what did you say. She says Malwa’s Subedaar ji. He says thanks to her and calls her Subedaarni ji. She asks how will you respond when you become Subedaar. He says I have remembered to go to Devi Aai sanctuary for darshan alongside whole family. She says OK, it will be great.

He kisses her. Gunu ji comes to Surajmal and says Khanderao’s military can go after you whenever in the post. Maan Singh grins and says on the off chance that they attempt, the groups will kill them. Gunu ji says they are additionally savvy, Khanderao won’t drop by entryway, he has dug passages to enter the stronghold, he can come here whenever. Surajmal says fine then, at that point, let him come, he will come, yet all at once not return alive.

Ramjani petitions God for Khanderao. Indumati says lady supplicates such a way for spouse. Ramjani says we ladies don’t have spouses in our destiny. Indumati says I have recognized love clearly for Khanderao. Ramjani says there is a major distinction in thinking and reality, my adoration for him is valid, I can simply petition God for him.

They hear a few strides. Indu says I will take a quick trip and see. Ramjani expresses stay here, I will take a quick trip and see. She takes a blade along. She doesn’t see Gunu ji. She figures who could it at any point be, any foe. Ahilya makes Khanderao rest. Ramjani comes to meet Ahilya. Ahilya goes to meet her. Ramjani says I feel foe is close, I saw somebody, however don’t have the foggiest idea who was he. Ahilya requests that watchmen really take a look at the interloper.

Gunu ji comes to his room. Monitor comes. Gunu ji acts tanked and admonishes the gatekeeper. Monitor says somebody has entered Chavni, remain alert. Gunu ji says OK, you likewise stay alert. He giggles. He says Ramjani needed to come as of now, this isn’t the perfect opportunity to conceal there. Monitor says there is nobody.

Ramjani says I trust there is no danger on Khanderao. Ahilya says I regard your sentiments, until Khanderao has his sword, nobody can overcome him, he has won each battle till now, I m sure that he will win this battle too. Ramjani says in the event that anybody leaves the morals and turns into a demon… Ahilya says right, just relax, I will accompany him, however who might it at any point be.

She stops Gunu ji and asks from where is he coming. He says I was drained and I had liquor, yet I woke up when I saw him. She asks who. He says watch came to educate me concerning somebody entered the Chavni, I saw somebody’s shadow, I m tracking down the foe since that time, to safeguard Chavni, did you think… She says no, I need to thank you for remaining alarm, fare thee well. She goes. He says I knew it, Ramjani will come to tell you.

Dwarka says I was feeling anxious, so came to see the Akhand jyot. Gautama and Harku grin. Malerao and Mukta come and show the gift they made for Khanderao. They ask when will father come. Gautama says very soon, he will come, we are additionally sitting tight for him. He says we implore that he returns soon.

Precap: Ahilya and Tukoji search for Khanderao. Ahilya goes to see him, and sees the officers lying dead. She yells to Khanderao.

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