Punyashlok Ahilyabai 18th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Ramjani saluting Khanderao for his prosperity. He says it’s a triumph of Ahilya’s affection and confidence, she isn’t with me here, that being said I feel she is with me, Ahilya is my solidarity, my life. She gives him a betel leaf.

Tukoji comes and says there is a terrible information, Suraj Mal is stowing away in Kumher stronghold. Khanderao stresses and says one can’t vanquish that stronghold and arrive at Surajmal, its his arrangement, one thing is chosen, I won’t return without overcoming him, this fight will be written ever, I will vanquish Kumher post.

Monitor illuminates Ahilya about Khanderao making a beeline for Kumher stronghold to get Surajmal. She stresses. She implores. Her mangalsutra breaks. She stresses and sits to fix it. She calls Dushyant and says we want to leave. He says you recently voyaged and came here.

She says I can hardly stand by here, we need to leave for Kumher, feed the ponies and plan to leave. Ahilya leaves. Monitor comes to Malhar. He says its Khanderao’s message. Malhar peruses the message, about entering Kumher post, I really want you and the military here, come here assuming your work is finished there.

Malhar says Khanderao needs us, converse with Gangoba, request that he request that Peshwa Sarkar’s authorization leave for Kumher. Surajmal converses with some pandit about making a penance. Serve comes and says Khanderao has come, as you naturally suspected, very soon, he will get found out. Surajmal says I will forfeit Khanderao.

Ahilya is coming. Surajmal makes sense of his arrangement for his priest. Khanderao and Tukoji likewise sort out their arrangement. Surajmal says I have made the seventh entryway, when it comes… He chuckles. Serve asks where is it. Surajmal says Khanderao will be stunned when that entryway opens, he will kick the bucket. Monitor says we got cheated, Charan Singh and his men went to the stronghold, Surajmal’s gatekeepers got them.

Khanderao says I asked them not to go, we need to proceed to save them, illuminate the Sardars and request that they meet us at the stronghold. Tukoji says we need to pause. Khanderao says no, we need to save them, else everybody will lose certainty, just relax, come.

Dushyant says storm had come around evening time, the roadsigns got cleared off, we lost the course. Ahilya says I need to arrive at Kumher soon. He says I will discover some way, give me some time. She sees a few trucks proceeding to say certain individuals are there, they can help us in tracking down a way, watch out.

Khanderao and Tukoji arrive at the post. They hear the gatekeepers talking. Watches see Khanderao stowing away and grin. Dushyant says I got to know something pixie from those men. Khanderao and Tukoji search for Charan Singh and his men. He says we have committed some error.

A man says you previously committed the error. A snare falls over them. they get found out. They see Charan Singh coming. They yell and admonish Charan. Charan says I m faithful to Surajmal, you committed a major error.

Precap: Khanderao falls at serious risk. Charan attempts to kill him.

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