Punyashlok Ahilyabai 17th November 2022 Written Update:

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Suraj Mal tosses knifes at a warrior and tells him, the feeling of dread toward death is greater than death and my point never fails.Mansingh strolls in and welcomes Suraj Mal.

Mansingh says you are correct you have an exact objective and furthermore our fighters have joined Khanderao’s troop and illuminates Tukuji has sent Gunuji in various tent so it is challenging to get data. Suraj Mal says alright keep in touch with Charan Singh on the grounds that the quicker we get data the quicker we will kill Khanderao.

Ahilya supplicating in sanctuary. War starts in Delhi. Khanderao without any help kills parcel of fighters. A man strolls to Suraj Mal and lets Suraj Mal know that there were not many individuals against Khanderao yet with his mind he quieted them and furthermore Khanderao will go to any degree to save his fighters thus he is major areas of strength for certainly strong.

Suraj Mal says is it and kills the man and says whoever will get me news for Khanderao will be killed and furthermore ensure there ought not be any untruth so select more troopers to get data for me.

Ahilya playing dholki and is fretful contemplating Khanderao and expresses return and let me know I’m loosing the rythm.

Suraj Mal and Mansingh at war field see Khanderao is serious areas of strength for so brilliant and says we need to overcome him by going after from behind or, more than likely he will kill us. We need to go after him so as to not discover a way, Khanderao is perilous he can’t be controlled just killing him is an answer.

Khanderao tells Tukuji he can’t see Suraj Mal this implies something is off-putting. Khanderao approaches Tukuji and says look this side is unfilled and I’m certain Suraj Mal will utilize this method for going after us from behind so alot a troop here.

Ahilya in sanctuary, Gautama, Parvati stroll to her. A trooper illuminates them that Khanderao has vanquished the initial step, he crushed Suraj Mal from Firoz Shah Kotla and Suraj Mal has took off and Khanderao is pursuing him. Pavitra says now you don’t need to go, it was only your apprehension.

Suraj Mal is educated that his arrangement to go after from behind fizzled. Suraj Mal takes a gander at his appearance and gets fretful. Mansingh asks whats wrong. Suraj Mal says this Khanderao isn’t leaving my back, my arrangements have never fizzled and due to him I need to confront routs.

Mansingh says Khanderao is nearby and en route to Rajputana he removed all our vanquished urban areas. Surajmal says for what reason is Khanderao alive, its unmistakable we can’t overcome him up close and personal thus we need to complete this conflict with Khanderao’s passing, we are leaving Rajputana.

Ahilya takes a gander at moon and says Parvati is correct, I don’t need to go to Khanderao now however she recalls Kulguruji’s words and gets stressed once more.

Ahilya following day doing pooja, Gautama strolls to her and says Ahilya do you need to go. Ahilya says I’m only genuinely here and I have completed my work here and Moroba Gasp understands what to do and without your choice no endorsements will be given. Gautama says I will care for this Akhanjyot, proceed to help your better half and I will petition God for both of you from here.

Mansingh illuminates Suraj Mal they are prepared to leave. Suraj Mal shows Mansingh Chakravyuh on how they will trap Khanderao and kill him like Abhimanyu was killed in Mahabharat and the Chakravyuh is Kumehr ka Killa.

Pre cap: Khanderao tells Tukuji that I am certain Surak Mal is arranging Chakravyuh and we need to receive in return. Suraj Mal shares with Mansingh this seventh entryway is covered up and when it opens its Khanderao’s end.

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