Punyashlok Ahilyabai 16th November 2022 Written Update:

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Mansingh strolls to Suraj Mal and informs him news regarding Khanderao, Suraj Mal tells him, Khanderao is moving toward his demise. Delhi Badshah strolls in the Darbar, he is educated that Khanderao and Tukuji will before long show up. Badshah shows the sword he will provide for Khanderao. One sardar asks could anybody of us at any point battle Suraj Mal.

Badshah says Surja Mal is exceptionally brilliant and bold and we really want somebody like Khanderao. Sardar asks what does Khanderao has that we don’t. Khanderao strolls in and says I will address that inquiry.

Malharao leaving for Poona, requests that everybody fare thee well. Malharao sees Ahilya is lost, Ahilya tells him, she is exceptionally stressed over Khanderao and needs to go see him. Dwarka stops her and says this isn’t the ideal opportunity for this.

Ahilya says I figure out the circumstance yet. Malharao says I figure out your sentiments Ahilya and when I finish Poona’s work I will go join Khanderao you take care of political undertakings here. Ahilya says I can complete my work here and go along with him.

Gautama says Ahilya we grasp your sentiments and do you distrust Khanderao. Ahilya says I trust him the most however after all that is occurred here with him, I’m exceptionally stressed and I can’t live without him, so I kindly solicitation you to let me go. Malharao says OK you can go. Ahilya takes his endowments and leaves for Poona.

Badshah invites Khanderao, Khanderao tells Badshah on the off chance that you will permit I might want to respond to him. Badshah says OK. Khanderao strucks his sword in a section.

Khanderao moves everybody in the space to eliminate it abd assuming anybody does he will step back. Each Sardar in the tent attempts to eliminate the sword yet nobody succeeds and tells Badshah its unimaginable. Khanderao says he is correct its outside the realm of possibilities for others however not me and eliminates the blade.

Badshah acclaims Khanderao and says I trust nobody has questions with respect to you here that you are solid valiant and brilliant. Badshah gives Khanderao blade and says I am so glad. Khanderao says from today obliteration of Suraj Mal starts.

Tukuji guides each chief how each troop will go with Khanderao, Khanderao goes along with them. Tukuji acclaims Khanderao. A bolt strucks the mat underneath and frw warriors stroll in and bow before Khanderao, they present themselves and tell Khanderao in view of Suraj Mal their town is obliterated as a result of him and to a degree that they can never settle and need vengeance against Suraj Mal and they don’t have ability to battle thus need to join Khanderao’s group.

Tukuji asks what evidence do you have. Fighters say we have sent our spouses home. Tukuji says we want confirmations and without them we can’t give you access. Officers say we will commit suicide then, at that point. Khanderao stops them and says you all look certifiable and I believe that all of you should have great life thus I’m allowing you a single opportunity.

Tukuji says Khanderao you can’t. Khanderao shares with him, Dada I believe they should get an opportunity, they have lost everything and in the event that we don’t show humankind who will and I figure everybody should ne allowed an opportunity. Tukuji says OK. Khanderao leaves. Tukuji believes Khanderao’s generosity might obliterate thinks sometime in the future. Ahilya overseeing political undertakings in Malwa. Khanderao arranging his conflict against Suraj Mal.

Ahilya while working beginnings pondering Khanderao and asks did they get any report about Khanderao. She is educated conflict can start anything now

Precap: During war, Suraj Mal sees Khanderao is major areas of strength for tok so with Mansingh he chooses to go after Khanderao from behind.

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