Punyashlok Ahilyabai 15th November 2022 Written Update:

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Ahilya tells Ramzani she maintains that her should go with Khanderao as she can’t go with him and somebody must be there to deal with him. Ramzani says this is large responsibility..Ahilya says its liability and trust, you have seen the world in evident sense yet you are so unadulterated, you had such countless choices to surrender yet you have consistently remained steadfast, accept it as a sister requesting help.

Ahilya gives Ramzani sindoor and says this has a place with me and Parvati and presently its your obligation to deal with it. Ramzani says I will bite the dust yet won’t allow anything to happen to him. Ahilya embraces Ramzani.

Ahilya and Ramzani stroll to everybody. Everybody befuddled. Ahilya tells Malharao she really wants his consent to send Ramzani to Delhi with Khanderao. Dwarka thinks this is perfect as far as we’re concerned. Khanderao says she isn’t needed. Ahilya shares with Malharao you know Ramzani and her character, I have pondered this and trust you grasp my reasoning behind this. Malharao asks Ahilya are you certain she will actually want to finish the work. Ahilya says OK I trust her. Malharao concurs. Khanderao takes a gander at Malharao and concurs as well.

Khanderao assembles Parvati and Ahilya. Khanderao gifts Ahilya Shivling and says this will help you to remember me. Ahilya says I will miss your presence and backing, how might I handle everything without you. Khanderao says at whatever point you will require me or my recommendation this will help you. Malharao shares with them now is the ideal time to leave.

Malharao waves banner and hands it to Khanderao. Khanderao waves it and procceds for his excursion.

Khanderao examining his arrangement of his best course of action. An officer strolls to him and says Ramzani Bai has sent this kesar for you. Khanderao says give it to me. Warrior cuts Khanderao’s neck. Ahilya awakens and acknowledges it was a fantasy and petitions God for Khanderaos wellbeing.
Khanderao leaves assuming her room, Gautama sees it and gets stressed she follows Ahilya.

Ahilya begins supplicating in sanctuary, Gautama strolls to her and asks whats wrong. Ahilya tells her, she has light Akhand Jyot for Khanderao. Gautama asks Ahilya accomplished something occur.

Ahilya embraces her and starts crying and says I had a bad dream for foe going after and killing Khanderao. Gautama says have trust in Khanderao and your trust on him, nobody can contact our Khanderao and have confidence in God, he is consistently there for our Khanderao.

Khanderao in his tent. Mansingh’s men watching out for Khanderao and choose its perfect opportunity to go after Khanderao. Ramzani performing namaz sees tempest and picks the sindoor and says God if it’s not too much trouble, deal with Khanderao.

Khanderao sleeping. Mansingh’s men going to assault, Khanderao pivots. Khanderao awakens and calls Tukuji and sees mashal and begin glancing around all over the place.
Mansingh’s men say great he is in backwoods and presently wr taxi effectively assault him.

Khanderao going to return hears some commotion in hedges, Tukuji asks whats wrong, Khanderao tosses Facial structure in shrubberies and requests that warrior go check who is there. Warrior gets back facial structure and says it was wild horn. Tukuji says Khanderao go rest and fighters be ready. Khanderao leaves.

Gunuji with Mansingh’s men says Khanderao is extremely sharp and savvy, who requested that you rush. They let him know it was Mansinghs request. Gunuji says Khanderao will pass on however I will direct you, we will kill him after war, when officers will be worn out and work then, at that point, don’t utilize minds simply continue noticing everything.

Pre cap: Khanderao meets Badhshah and gives a test, he cuts a sword in section says on the off chance that anybody eliminates this blade from the segment I will leave.

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