Mere Sai 15th November 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Sai at a supermarket purchases coconuts, and says I’m getting it for Vaishali. Divakar other than Sai says gracious yes she did, it got utterly insane. Shama strolls to Sai and welcomes him. Sai asks where arw you going. Shama says this time I had great development so going to ranches.

Sai requests that Shama give a benefit to ranchers. Shama says OK and leaves. Divakar attempts to converse with Sai yet Sai continues to disregard him. Divakar confounded says Sai I’m attempting to converse with you yet. Sai says I’m occupied I will pay attention to your reasons later.

Bhumi and Shiv dealing with next show, Bhumi sees Shiv is vexed and asks what’s up, did she hurt him. Tukaram strolls in and says show is housefull, so prepare. Bhumi requests that Shiv get water for downpours and she will oversee different courses of action.

Bhumi considers conversing with Shiv later. Tukaram tells Shiv he will get water. Tukaram tells Shiv, he neglected to give cash of the previous show and provides for Shiv and says its 50₹. Shiv recalls Bhumi giving him 45₹ after each show. Shiv checks register and sees Tukaram has consistently paid 50₹.

Divakar attempts to converse with Sai yet Sai continues to overlook. Divakar gets baffled. Sai says when Vaishali attempts to converse with you, you act as I did, I would have rather not harmed you however needed to cause you to understand that Vaishali is significant and you really want to focus on her, I realize you overlook her since she continues to grumble.

Divakar says she never attempts to comprehend me, Sai says you both need to comprehend one another and somebody needs to attempt and don’t be miserable on the grounds that soon your great times will come and you will be rich to such an extent that every one of your concerns will disappear, you will get a major fortune.

Divakar says regardless of whether I get cash, how might issues among me and Vaishali will remain how would I address that. Sai says persistence and leaves.

Shiv requests that Tukaram give cash to Bhumi. Tukaram says OK.
Shiv and Bhumi’s show starts. Bhumi acknowledges Shiv is lost, and doesn’t raise drape. Bhumi requests that Shiv open the shades, Shiv does as such, Bhumi starts her narrating and kutputli show. Everybody appreciates it. Shiv considering Vaishalis words.

Bhumi in her story say it came down with Sai’s gifts. Bhumi sees Shiv is lost and doesn’t shower water. Bhumi attempts to call him however Shiv lost in his viewpoints. Crowd begin ridiculing Bhumi. Tukaram thinks where is Shiv lost.

Divakar continues to get some information about treasure. Sai says you want to buckle down for the fortune, you need to really buckle down intellectually. Divakar expresses something like riddle. Sai says OK right. Sai describes puzzle to Divakar and requests that he interpret it to track down treasure. Divakar says it’s extreme.

Sai says might be Vaishali can helo on the grounds that she is the one in particular who can help and ensure she doesn’t find the response you need to utilize your astuteness and hands him coconuts and leaves.

Crowd begin accusing Bhumi and call her show misuse of cash, Tukaram says its specialized mistake and I won’t take cash if it’s not too much trouble, comprehend. Bhumi in tears goes to Sai. Sai shows up and gets water in his bowl pours it in his woodwind and it begins coming down.

Bhumi in shock and cheerful, crowd see downpour and pause and hail. Bhumi sees Shiv isn’t doing anything and expresses gratitude toward Sai. Sai leaves. Tukaram goes behind the stage and sees Shiv lost in his however and says its every one of Sai’s favors.

Bhuki strolls to Shiv and asks whats wrong and says I’m your significant other we share joy and distress, what are you stowing away, spouse wife don’t conceal things. Shiv leaves.

Sai stops Bhumi and says I need to converse with you. Bhumi says Sai my significant other necessities me he is profoundly harmed, certain individuals don’t comprehend his feelings and ridicule him, I need to converse with him and satisfy him once more. Sai asks how might you sort out and how will you respond when you sort out, recollect have tolerance. Bhumi leaves.

Pre cap: Shiv shows cash to Bhumi. Bhumi tells him, you think I have taken this cash, I’m here prepared to battle with everybody for yourself and you called me a cheat. Bhumi meets Sai. Sai says I know your issue however first you assist me with this and afterward I will tackle your concern.

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