Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15th November 2022 Written Update on

Manish requests that Arohi give the clarification. Arohi shares with Manish that she has attempted to make sense of yet none figured out her. Manish lashes out on Arohi for doing runaway marriage. Cruel asks Neil and Arohi for what good reason they stole away and wedded.

Manish tells Arohi that he has consistently cautioned her not to play with is notoriety. He adds Arohi is dead for them. Manish tells Birlas anything they desire to do with Arohi and Neil can do however for them Arohi doesn’t exist. He says they have just a single girl Akshara. Manish break attaches with Arohi.Manish requests that Goenkas follow him back to home.

Arohi shout like generally for Goenkas Akshara is correct and she is off-base. She adds everybody upheld Akshara whenever she chose to allow second opportunity to Abhimanyu. Arohi gets out anything Akshara does she is in every case right. She adds assuming Goenkas will break attach with her than she won’t ever get once again to them. Manish alongside Goenkas move out. Arohi stand stunned.

Akshara tells Neil that she needs to have a word with him in a private. Arohi shares with Akshara that Neil is her better half and each discussion will occur before her. Abhimanyu attempts to remove Neil. Arohi stops Abhimanyu as well. She requests that Birlas give her a second to make sense of.

Abhimanyu requests that Arohi shout out. Arohi says she knew everybody will respond on out of control wedding with Neil. She says subsequently they have chosen to remain alone and run their life. Neil adds they visited the family to take their favors so they can begin their life.

Abhimanyu requests that Arohi quit playing the casualty card. Neil requests that Abhimanyu stop. He add he anticipate a decent wishes from him. Akshara and Abhimanyu request that Neil take off from the house assuming he needs. Arohi gets stunned. Birlas too requested that Neil and Arohi take off from the house.

Manish blows up on Arohi for selling out them. He makes Goenkas aware of never discuss Arohi any longer. Abhimanyu lashes out thinking Neil left on his birthday. Akshara solace Abhimanyu. Manjiri separates figuring how Neil can produce such a major results without including them. Abhimanyu cheers Manjiri.

Manish’s healthworsen. Kairav searches for a specialist. Akshara finds out about Manish’s medical issue. Abhimanyu choose to check upon Manish. He takes Akshara along. Neil asks Arohi not to stress as their family will acknowledge them. He requests that Arohi adapt to not many days. Arohi lashes out.

Abhimanyu really look at Manish. He requests that Manish not take pressure. Arohi requests that Mahima help her reemerge Birla house. Mahima hangs up the call. Abhimanyu requests that Akshara stay back and deal with Manish.

Precap: Manjiri requests that Abhimanyu bring back Neil home. Akshara stand stunned learning Abhimanyu consented to bring back Arohi and Neil.

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