Punyashlok Ahilyabai 14th November 2022 Written Update:

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Parvati takes a gander at her kumkum and afterward applies it and implores God to deal with Khanderao. Mukta and Malerao playing coincidentally find Parvati and the Kumkum falls yet Ahilya gets it. Ahilya requests that Mukta be cautious while she plays.

Mukta focuses at Malerao. Ahilya requests that they head outside and play. Parvati tells Ahilya, she is extremely frightened. Ahilya says look I saved it don’t be frightened. Pavitra says I’m terrified and I feel something awful will occur. Ahilya stops her and sees Mukta Malerao says both of you still here, go check in the event that Khanderao is prepared and go meet him before he leaves.

Pavitra says could I at any point go with Khanderao. Ahilya says in the event that you go, he should deal with you too. Parvati says he isn’t permitting you too, he must have somebody to deal with him. Ahilya says our entire troop is there for himself and presently quit crying and go meet him.

Malharao prepare Khanderao and says I generally assisted you with preparing when you would take part in a few contest and today you are going at one of most significant conflict and another Delhi Badhshah and afterward Suraj Mal, Khanderao says I know and I will win.

Malharao says I know however in that conflict, you need to move past each snag that will assist you with arriving at Subhedar Privileged position. Khanderao says OK. Malharao says we as a whole will be sitting tight for you to, get back with triumph and furthermore I was unable to give time and was severe in light of the fact that I was Head Subhedar and assuming you at any point got a handle on left, I need to apologize. Khanderao embraces him in tears and says never, you have given me such a lot of adoration I have no bad things to say from you.

Malharao says go get your triumph and afterward I will pass on the lofty position and will resign cheerfully. Khanderao says I guarantee I won’t let you down and takes his gifts. Malharao embraces him. Mukta and Malerao see them. Malharao says look who is here and requests that they go meet Khanderao. Mukta shares with Khanderao, what did Dadasahev tell you. Khanderao says he said I’m a generally excellent kid like both of you are and embraces them

Khanderao sees kids are disturbed and asks what’s going on. Mukta says kindly don’t go. Khanderao inquires as to for what reason is it. Malerao says we could do without to live without you. Khanderao says Malerao you know the significance of this conflict. Mukta says Parvati Aai was saying.

Malerao says OK she was saying that when you are terrified you shouldn’t make it happen and even we are frightened. Mukta says OK he is correct. Khanderao asks do they trust their dad and his sword. Mukta and Malerao say OK. Khanderao says the. why be terrified be certain that your dad will be back with triumph.

Ahilya takes a gander at kunkum, Choti Aai asks whats wrong. Ahilya says she is frightened after what Kulguruji said and today interestingly she id incapable to let Khanderao go. Choti Aai expresses quiet down, I grasp your sentiments however relax. Ahilya expresses today as a spouse, I don’t maintain that Khanderao should go however as a quern I can’t stop him nor go with him and we as a whole know Khanderao’s irritability and he wants to think smoothly a ton of times and needs somebody who will assist him with quieting down.

Mansingh meets Gunuji, Gunuji says what are you doing here. Mansingh says Suraj Mal needs all data about war. Gunuji says he has kept the entire arrangement clandestine. Mansingh says then you are of no utilization to us, Gunuji says I can do nothing that will make Khanderao dubious. Mansingh give shik few fighters and says add them inside Khanderao’s troop and they will stand by listening to your orders and they will save me informed and presently go get ready for Khanderao’s last conflict.

Choti Aai tells Ahilya your trust and confidence will be with Khanderao, give him something that will help him to remember you and cause him to feel you are around him and presently come gives up, its the ideal opportunity for Khanderao to leave.

Gautama plays out Khanderao’s aarti. Khanderao shares with her for what reason are you in tears Aai. She grins at him and expresses return with triumph. Khanderao takes Malharao’s gifts. Malharao shares with him Delhi Badshahs triumph is our own and when I finish work in Poona I will go along with you. Khanderao says that will not be required. Gunuji figures no favors will work this time.

Parvati in tears shares with Khanderao be careful, I will petition God for your triumph. Khanderao says you also be careful and asks where is Ahilya. Indumati asks Ramzani for what valid reason isn’t she prepared. Ramzani says there won’t be any show until Khanderao is back securely. Indumati says this isn’t really great for you.

Ramzani says let me be and I will do anything for Khanderao. Indumati leaves. Ahilya strolls in and says I’m here to give you something with trust and will take care of it and gives her kumkum. Ramzani befuddled. Ahilya says Khanderao is leaving and I maintain that you should accompany him.

Pre cap: Ahilya examining a warrior strolls to him and says Ramzani has sent you something and cuts his neck.

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