Mere Sai 16th November 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 16th November 2022 Written Update on

Bhumi asks Shiv what’s up, Shiv going to leave, Bhumi stops him and asks whats is eating you, you can’t survive without replying. Shiv holds her hand and takes her to their room and shows her adornments box and asks what is this.

Bhumi says OK I kept it. Shiv says for what reason did you take cash from our income. Bhumi flies off the handle and expresses take a gander at me and reply, do you truly think I took the cash, Shiv doesn’t check her out.

Bhumi says I comprehended you have no faith in me and on second thought of accepting for what reason didn’t you come and get some information about it, I continue really focusing on you and battling for yourself and you think I’m criminal, so presently you accept it as I have taken, I’m not giving any clarification. Bhumi leaves.

Sai with tangled rope sitting in Dwarka Mai, Bhumi strolls to him. Sai says I know why you are here Bhumi and assuming you assist me with trapping this rapidly I will help you. Bhumi lost leaves the rope, Sai says you need to similarly partake really at that time we can catch this, assuming I am pulling so would it be advisable for you.

Bhumi says no Sai this will tangle it more or equal break the rope, give it to me I will snare it. Bhumi snares the rope. Sai asks Bhumi what is she doing, Bhumi says we want to snare a rope and hands the rope to Sai persistently.

Sai says thanks to Bhumi and says you were correct, yet how could you disregard persistence when it came to your relationship, you could quietly make sense of Shiv and figure it out. Bhumi says how is it that he could call me criminal. Sai says both of you have forever been viable and it won’t generally be this way and when contrasts its a sign to make the security solid, either fix the hole or allow it to develop and get isolated its all in our grasp how we need to handle what is going on.

Bhumi sayd Sai, I felt so awful, Sai says how might you forget such countless things he did in view of 1 misstep. Bhumi considers Shiv and says you are correct Sai, I ought to have shown persistence might be on the grounds that this was the initial occasion when I will be cautious from sometime later. Bhumi leaves. Sai says its currently Shiv’s chance to grasp this.

Vaishali irate about she generally bustling in family work. Divakar strolls in thinking about Sai’s words. Divakar says Vaishali I need to converse with you, Vaishali says first I need to talk, Divakar says sure sit and tell me, you should be worn out. Vaishali asks whats wrong. Divakar says I generally disregard you since I’m occupied and we never sort, so I thought lets sort things today.

Vaishali shows him how everybody wrecks entire house and about her business. Divakar says I’m on leave tomorrow so I will converse with them and I heard you were extremely canny and I want your assistance in puzzle. Vaishali says sure tell me. Divakar tells her riddle and says I’m certain you will track down the response. Vaishali says it sounds extreme however I will track down the response.

Shiv sitting alone, he misses Bhumi and takes a gander at the swing he made for her as her birthday surprise and grins. Baji sees snake close to Shiv, they attempt to tell him however Shiv doesn’t have the foggiest idea, so they pick a stick and rush towards him, Shiv evades thinking they are here to hit him, Baji wards of the snake. Sai strolls to them and commendations kids for their boldness and requests that they return home.

Shiv strolls to Sai, Sai says Shiv those children didn’t come to hit you however save you from snake, you didn’t see right. Shiv gestures yes. Sai says you probably comprehended at this point that anything you see is consistently not the turth and I seek divine intervention that you and Bhumi figure it out. Geetabai strolls to them.

Geetabai asks Shiv what is he doing here. Sai says he was here to encounter something and he did. Sai gives Geetabai a key and requests that she give it to Shiv and consistently keep with him. Geetabai asks which key is this. Sai says God will give him the lock for this key and when he finds it, all that will be arranged.

Kulkarni gets back to Shirdi. Chattopadhyay gives him letters. Prahlad welcomes Kulkarni. Kulkarni says I brought such countless gifts for you. Prahlad informs him regarding Kutputli show and he needs to see it. Kulkarni says you are my great child you will sit in first line.

Chattopadhyay shares with Kulkarni that a few endowments are so significant as is your slap so slap me as well. Kulkarni expresses out loud whatever gibberish are you talking.

Chattopadhyay says Shiv is that moronic and hard of hearing person you terminated and slapped and they portray Sai’s accounts and are exceptionally well known. Kulkarni lashes out. Tejaswini shares with Kulkarni you kicked him and look he is so well known now and continue to recount Sai’s accounts all over the place. St Nick Banta helps Kulkarni to remember the test Sai gave him with respect to Shiv.

Pre cap: Shiv denies to act in shows and discards everything. Divakar and his folks converse with Sai, Divakar says his folks aren’t permitting Vaishali to work. Divakar’s mom says when Divakar acquires for what reason would it be advisable for her she. Sai says all of you are blustering your concerns yet I came here since I needed assistance.

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