Mere Sai 17th November 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 17th November 2022 Written Update on

St Nick Banta tells Kulkarni that Sai exploited his nonappearance and Shiv and Bhumi are procuring a ton. Kulkarni begins snickering and says that is great assuming they are procuring, and presently we need to compliment them on their prosperity.

Divakar’s folks deny him from permitting Vaishali to work. Divakar says look Bhumi is working and even Rihana Kaki works. His dad says these ladies are working since they have low pay so for what reason does she really want to work. Divakar says since she prefers it and not really for cash. Sai strolls to them.

Divakar says great you came, they aren’t permitting Vaishali to work. His mom says for what reason does she want to work and he expresses take a gander at Bhumi however unfortunate thing needs to work in light of Shiv and she works with Shiv. Sai says I came here for help, lets attempt you tackle my concern I will settle yours. Divakar says sure we will attempt.

Shiv cutting logs and thinks about Sai’s words, he is anxious. Shiv sees the key gave by Sai. Bhumi strolls to him thinking this is ideal opportunity to converse with him and sort things. Bhumi says I needed to converse with you alone, could we at any point talk now. Shiv denies.

Bhumi says fail to remember the previous I will let you know everything. Tukaram strolls in and says Shiv Bhumi you didn’t take your compensation for last two shows here is your cash. Tukaram gives Bhumi cash she takes it. Shiv considers Vaishali letting him know that Bhumi takes cash.

Bhumi tells Shiv and Tukaram that shenis thinking about Sai’s introduction to the world for next show. Shiv lets them know he would rather not work any longer. Tukaram and Bhumi in shock. Bhumi expresses out loud whatever will you do then. Shiv heads inside.

Sai gives a book to Divakar and says Pari caused not many pictures and its a riddle and assist me with tackling it. Sai says in first picture individuals fault a man sitting on pony and his significant other strolling with him, calling him curel. Divakars father says individuals are correct how might he do this to his better half. Sai shows next picture in it spouse is on pony and husband strolling, individuals awful talk again saying you both can sit.

Divakars mother says OK they are correct. Sai shows next picture where both are on pony and individuals again fault them and call them horrible for disturbing a creature. Divakar says OK they are correct. Sai shows next picture several strolls with pony and tells individuals again call them fools for not utilizing the pony. Sai asks now you let me know how should the couple respond?

Divakar’s dad gets out anything that may the couple truly do individuals will continue talking something or the other. Sai says this is everything that I was attempting to say to you and there are individuals who are desirous and ruin others life thus in the event that you think Vaishali work permit her couldn’t care less about the general public since, supposing that they need to fault they will find a way now the choice is yours and Sai leaves.

Divakar asks his folks might Vaishali at any point work now. His folks concur. Vaishali extremely cheerful. Divakar races to Sai. Shiv tosses the storage compartment and dolls outside, that’s what geetabai sees. Shiv strolls inside. Geetabai asks what everything is this.

Tukaram asks Bhumi what everything is this and tickets are sold and assuming he drops there will be misfortune and individuals will make issues, you come I will give you colleague, we will converse with Shiv later. Bhumi says I can’t.
Bhumi strolls in and attempts to converse with Shiv yet he doesn’t tune in.

Bhumi says this isn’t any show however our connection, you expected yet atleast let me make sense of, Shiv says he would rather not tune in and leaves.

Bhumi strolls to Tukaram and says I did this on account of Shiv’s help and on the off chance that he doesn’t uphold me I can’t, I’m grieved.
Divakar strolls to Sai and says Vaishali is cheerful and she hasn’t replied at this point. Sai says you are exceptionally near treasure simply continue on.

Geetabai converses with Shiv, she asks him what’s going on. Kulkarni strolls in. Geetabai asks what’s going on. Kulkarni says I heard Shirdi has new craftsman and are exceptionally fruitful thus as a head here I figured I ought to praise them. Shiv confounded.

Kulkarni says goodness I failed to remember Shiv is moronic and hard of hearing and how can he work then, Bhumi strolls to Kulkarni and inquires as to what are you doing here. Kulkarni says I came here since I need to meet thiefs, you haven’t settled burdens thus I’m here to caution you.

Bhumi asks what charges. Kulkarni says amusement charges, and since you haven’t paid you are criminal. Bhumi says take it from the coordinators. Kulkarni says now a ladies will show me rules, I make controls thus you will settle burdens thus you will suffer consequence as well and I realize you get 50₹ per show thus complete 750 is your profit and your duty is half which meand 350 and 250 as punishment so you should pay 600 and here os government notice.

Bhumi says this expense is high we utilized cash to pay obligations and we have halted our show as well. Kulkarni begins chuckling and says great you halted however what might be said about past. Bhumi beseeches him to save them. Kulkarni says you took Sai’s assist right with now going ask him and on the off chance that you don’t pay in somewhere around 10 days I will sell this house and Kulkarni leaves.

Pre cap: Sai tells Vaishali, in view of your desire you have destroyed Bhumi and Shiv’s relationship and presently you need to fix it.
Shiv sees a show, it has a test to ride cycle for 5 days and will be paid 1000₹

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