Mere Sai 18th November 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 18th November 2022 Written Update on

St Nick Banta and Kulkarni blissful about disturbing Shiv and leaves. They see not many individuals engaging with tight rope, Kulkarni says this is extremely perilous and she is at such level, everybody extols. Kulkarni says you are extremely skilled and requests that St Nick give cash to that young lady. Sai stops them and says it will be 600₹.

Kulkarni gets out whatever garbage here expenses are not composed. Sai says I sent a kid however you didn’t peruse the notification. St Nick shows him paper. Kulkarni says OK I concur you have expenses however why 600 you can’t charge anything. Sai says when you can do this with Shiv and Bhumi, for what reason can’t I. Kulkarni says get lost I’m not giving anything.

Sai says let me let you one thing know if you inconvenience others you are welcoming difficulty. Kulkarni says fail to remember me and go assistance Shiv and Bhumi in light of the fact that they can never pay. Sai says they will with their ability and difficult work I guarantee.

Vaishali sees Divakar has brought the stuff she has asked and asks why now a days you remember all that and look you neglected leaves for Pooja. Divakar says I’m grieved, Vaishali says no concerns I will gather en route to sanctuary.

Divakar grinning and says have you not saw recent days even you’re not disturbed and griping and what are you cooking its smelling pleasant. Vaishali says OK you love it right, Vaishali gives him to taste. Divakar says exceptionally delicious and says like this kheer our life on the other side of two days have become so sweet and cheerful however the riddle.

Vaishali says lets fail to remember that and partake presently. Divakar says I’m enjoying this joy, Vaishali says OK the more you are blissful everybody around is. Divakar and Vaishali sort out that the response to Sai’s inquiry is joy.

Keshav meets Sai and welcomes him. Sai asks where are you going, Keshav says to a close by town for my dad’s work. Sai says help me out, petition God for Shirdi in sanctuary there. Keshav says sure and leaves.

Pari and Nirali working in field and tired by watering them. Sai sees them, they let Sai know that they are drained. Sai says I have an answer for you, Shiv in wilderness also strolling upset, Shiv gets lost.
Sai makes a way close to all plants, with the goal that young ladies can undoubtedly water plants. Shiv sees water under his feet and follows the way. Sai tells young ladies, work more intelligent just buckling down won’t work. Shiv sees the water way has disappeared and sees himself at a contest. Its a test, on the off chance that you cycle for 5 days in a row you will procure 1000₹.

Shiv thinks about Kulkarni’s advance notice, a member blacks out before Shiv who was cycling for 3 days in a row. Shiv chooses to take an interest. He meets the coordinator and tells he can’t talk and hear yet will partake, Coordinator figures he can exploit Shiv and tells Shiv he really wants cycle and 50₹ to pay. Coordinator asls him to leave and return when he has cash and cycle.

Shiv sees a sanctuary and strolls inside. Keshav strolls to same sanctuary and sees Shiv and asks what is he doing here. Bhumi searching for Shov all over. Keshav gets back to Shirdi and sees Bhumi and tells her Shiv is in perfect by town.

Bhumi purchases cycle for Shiv, she had set aside cash for his cycle. Bhumi exceptionally cheerful however recalls Kulkarnis cautioning and denies to take it. Merchant says he will be at misfortune in the event that she denies conveyance. Bhumi powerfully acknowledges it.

Vaishali and Divakar blissful about how Sai tackled the pressure between them. Vaishali sees Bhumi paying merchant cash and thinks for what reason is she paying him cash that she took.

Pre cap: St Nick Banta tell Bhumi that Shiv has partaken in challenge and he might kick the bucket. Sai lets Vaishali know how she has made issues among Shiv and Bhumi and requirements to tackle it.

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