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Episode starts with Barkha says we were holding up from extremely lengthy to give you this shock, I understood I fouled up and I would rather not divide both of you. Barkha goes. Mana and Ishan embrace one another. Ishan says now you can determine what is going in your heart.

Mana says Barkha is substantially more experienced than I suspected. Here, Scratch and Cruel come to educate Pallavi concerning how with incredible trouble they persuaded Badal to assume control over the bistro. They all compliment Badal. Unexpectedly Barkha comes and says I assumed I adored Ishan and we needed to wed each other yet that would have been out of line to Ishan.

All at once Ishan and Mana come and say we love one another. Scratch says on the off chance that you can say this infront of all then you can say this infront of me. Scratch begins to act like a defensive father. Pallavi attempts to quiet him however he requests that Pallavi stay back.

Ishan says I truly love and care for Mana. They all get blissful. Badal says my sister is high support so be careful. Ishan says I will discover that. Scratch requests that they center around vocation and soon they will be hitched. Ishan and Mana express gratitude toward Barkha.

Pallavi acclaims Barkha and how she involved her adoration in productive manner. The children get some information about her mysterious either about father or them. Pallavi gets modest and becomes flushed. Pallavi removes Scratch. Scratch inquires as to whether you attempted to track down me on web. Pallavi says when we isolated I loathed you additionally I wished things to improve.

Scratch says I hurt you so much, I’m heartbroken, presently we should contemplate our children, I’m with you, we should begin another life. They embrace one another. They recollect past great minutes. They get profound when Scratch wipes her tears. Scratch says I cleaned your tears so that your kajal doesn’t get screwed up. The two of them chuckle.

Here, the children examine and stress assuming Pallavi and Scratch will battle in the future. Gagan and Barkha say how today Pallavi and Scratch pursued marriage and Pallavi recalls this day as last year she was so irate and disturbed. They let them know how they got some information about commemoration date when Pallavi lashed out and the children concealed in their room. Mana says I trust Scratch and Pallavi are partaking in the time.

Scratch jokes to Pallavi about the model Natasha. They emerge and the children ask what’s wrong? Scratch says you mother is simply extending the matter. Pallavi says who at any point needs to return home with father, they will see my different side.

Mana and Brutal split with Pallavi while others go with Scratch. The children attempt to quiet down Scratch while Scratch says Pallavi blew up because of Natasha who is a VIP and she just extended the matter, I’m likewise annoyed with Unforgiving and Mana. Here, Mana and Cruel come to Pallavi and attempt to quiet Pallavi. Pallavi says I let Scratch know what I went through and Scratch was referring to Natasha. Cruel says Natasha is so gorgeous and sharp.

Mana handles what is happening saying it’s very nearly 12 we should end it. Here, Scratch emerges and the children snicker on his dressing sense. Scratch says my garments are there and I would rather not go there, today is our commemoration and Pallavi began this, I was not discourteous to a big name why should this matter. Gagan says we are something very similar. Scratch says you both are like Pallavi, you will likewise extend things I know. Barkha says we should end things, as 12 is going to strike. They all receive messages.

Kids send Pallavi and Scratch to dinning room. There they begin battling on Natasha theme once more. Out of nowhere they see the time and discuss how they met for first time. They snicker recollecting their most memorable date and how they figured out how to make everything exceptional. Pallavi shows an old note where they composed something on it.

Pallavi says the cart I took today he gave me this see the occurrence. 12 strikes and they wish commemoration to one another. They embrace one another. Kids come and get cheerful seeing them. Scratch and Pallavi ask them to constantly remain together this way. They all embrace one another.

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