Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th November written update:

Rabb Se Hai Dua 28th November written update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Dua battling to free herself and yells for help. The hooligans attaches her to a seat and request to call her loved ones. She cries while they torments her. She reviews how her day began perfectly and stresses over leaving.

She recollects Haider and petitions God for her salvage. In the mean time, she gets glimmers of the prior minutes. In the first part of the day Dua implores and gets energized for her exceptional day. She wishes that Haider doesn’t give her something valuable, orelse she will begin crying. She then, at that point, expresses that God has proactively favored her with everything and she doesn’t want for anything more in her life.

Dua goes inside the kitchen and starts planning food sources for the relatives. She makes tea for her mother by marriage Heena and afterward makes other tea for her father by marriage Raahat. She then, at that point, makes espresso for her significant other Haider and protein shake for her brother by marriage Ruhaan. She gets cheerful accomplishing practically everything for them.

Dua then, at that point, goes inside Dadi’s room and sees her shouting in torment holding her legs. The last option reminds her about the activity and guidance given by physiotherapist. The last option broadcasts that she won’t give the house keys to anybody, while Dua prods her. Around then Dadi sees the worker and yells at her. Dua guarantees her that she will deal with the worker.

Dua chuckles alongside the worker and claims to chasten her, while Dadi gets cheerful. The house keeper disappears from that point and shows her appreciation towards Dua for aiding her. In the mean time, Dua gets inside Heena’s room and sees her cleaning her better half Raahat’s shoes, with the goal that it won’t mess with him. Dua gets close to home seeing his adoration for her father by marriage.

Around then Raahat’s subsequent spouse comes there and removes the shoes from Heena. She insults the last option while Dua was going to help Heena yet the last option stops her. Ruhaan’s mom frowns at Dua and leaves from that point while Dua shows her compassion and care towards Heena. She then anticipate that the last option should wish her for the commemoration however she professes to know nothing about it. Dua gets injured and leaves from that point.

Ahead, Dua goes towards Haider and gives his necessities. He then, at that point, tells about his significant gathering with the client while she blows up that he failed to remember their commemoration. Heena reproves Haider for failing to remember the commemoration while the last option says that he is trusting that the gift will wish his better half. In the interim, Dua gets inside Raahat’s room and gives him tea while Ruhaan’s mom lies about cleaning his shoes however Dua insults her and by implication uncovers about Heena making it happen. The last option attacks Dua while Raahat stops her and afterward favors Dua.

Ruhaan shocks Dua and wishes her for the marriage commemoration. She gets cheerful and shows her appreciation towards him. In the interim, she goes towards her room and packs the stuff for the clients. Though, Haider shows her gift while the last option gets profound and says that she thought he disregarded their commemoration. In the mean time, Raahat carries individuals to adorn the house to praise the commemoration yet Haider attacks him.

Further, Haider helps Raahat about his misstep to remember doing second marriage and leaving his mom. He tells about her agony and sufferings, while Dua attempts to stop him. Dua guarantees Raahat that soon all will be in the middle between them. Though, Heena stands firm against Ruhaan’s mom for Haider.

Though, the last option broadcasts that somebody will in the middle among Dua and Ruhaan and will destroy their life. In the mean time, Dua and Ruhaan goes to Dargah while Gazal runs with their vehicle while taking off from somebody. Haider and Gazal sees each other, while Dua gets harmed.

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