Mere Sai 28th November 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 28th November 2022 Written Update on

Subhash tells Malchapati I can’t rest here, I will pay all the more however need great rich room. Coordinator says this Dixit Vada runs according to Sai’s principles and it is in every case the early bird gets the worm. Malchapati asks Subhash whats amiss with the room. Subhash says I can’t remain in such little spot and leaves the room, he strolls to his granddad and says we will meet Sai and leave today puts here are Bad to remain.

At Dwarka Mai, Sai hearing to everyones issues and he tells everybody he has a bed here for a going explorer to see him. Subhash sees the group and says did everybody need to meet Sai today just when will my turn come. Sai says your turn is here. Sai leaves and says you will Subhash.

Subhash asks who are you. Tatya says you came to meet him and you don’t have any acquaintance with him. Subhash says I never saw him. Sai strolls to Subhash granddad and says I perceive your voice I met you in sanctuary, you helped me gave me food yet you didn’t let me know it was you, Tatya says Sai never tells his aficionados. Sai says there are individuals here before you, you rest then we will visit.

Sai takes him inside and makes him rest. Tatya shares with Subhash we will let you know when your opportunity arrives. Subhash says take additional cash on the off chance that you need yet I need to meet Sai immediately. Tatya sayd Sai generally says persistence and confidence thus even you need to rehearse it, stand by I will tell you when opportunity arrives.

Subhash sit on steps and says for what reason didn’t Sai let us know in sanctuary superfluous hauled us till here. Malchapati says you are hanging around for Sai and before long know. Subhash thinks I simply need to help Dadaji and leave, I need nothing else here.

At night, Malchapati wakes Subhash. Subhash says when will we leave presently its dim. Malchapati says you are fortunate you can meet Sai today before Pravachan.

Subhash takes his granddad to Sai, Subhash shares with Sai, I love my granddad a great deal and offer him his eyes back and as a trade off I will give anything you need, let me know sum I will give you. Amarpal says Subhash, Sai never takes cash. Subhash says you can purchase anything with cash.

Sai says Subhash, if your can purchase anything with cash and by paying me you can get anything purchase your granddad eyes from me. Subhash says see Dadaji , cash can purchase anything and might be nobody like us came here so Sai couldn’t take cash yet we have part.

Sai says I will take 5₹. Subhash says here take 100₹. Sai says I simply need 5₹ no pretty much. Subhash says I don’t have change. Sai says go get it then, at that point, and recollect you gave that lotus merchant 5₹, in the event that you hadn’t your granddad would be fine. Subhash says however I’m giving you 100 and where will I get 5₹ this late. Sai says you can give tomorrow yet I will take 5₹ as it were.

Subhash says Sai where will we stay here, Sai says you can remain at Dixit Vada however you could have done without the room. Subhash says goodness you are familiar this. Subhash tells Amarpal, Dadaji we need to go Dixit Vada. The fact that the room is gone makes subhash instructed. Sai says you can remain here your Dadaji has a bed you can rest on floor.

Subhash says OK, Keshav says you are fortunate Subhash to remain with Sai. Subhash says I couldn’t say whether its fortunate or miserable I am hanging around for my granddad or probably could never come here. Amarpal says Subhash we are actually quite fortunate to be here with Sai. Subhash says I’m hanging around for you, let me go converse with the truck seller likewise and leaves.

Sai strolls to Amarpal and says Subhash has low attitude. Amarpal says he is raised with part of low and spoiled a ton and soon he will acknowledge it when he grows up.

Sai sitting alone in Dwarka Mai, Subhash and Amarpal sleeping. Subhash shuddering in cold. Sai strolls to him, and puts a sweeping on him,

Subhash following day begins asking everybody for change. Subhash doesn’t find anybody and expresses out loud whatever babble is this. He continues to look, and says I will pay 100₹ give me 5₹. Chandu stops Hariya and says dont accept him, he os new and how could somebody pay 100 for 5. Subhash shares with Chandu, for what reason are you intruding on me look I have such a lot of cash.

Chandu says you don’t have verification that these are genuine. Subhash says I can get both of you. Hariya says you are so crude and leaves. St Nick Banta see Subhash and choose to trick him.

Sai taking care of Amarpal. Amarpal says Subhash should be eager as well. Sai says I asked him as well yet he cherishes you such a lot of he went to get 5₹. Amarpal says OK he cherishes me a great deal however I don’t comprehend this 5₹ thing since you won’t ever charge. Sai says have food and all will be fine, and you will track down why.

Pre cap: Subhash gives Sai cash and says you need to fix my Dadaji.

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