Punyashlok Ahilyabai 1st December 2022 Written Update:

Punyashlok Ahilyabai 1st December 2022 Written Update on serialtalk.com

Episode begins with Ahilya seeing Khanderao and crying. Malhar sees the smoke exhaust. He says we need to go there. Ahilya turns Khanderao. Monitor helps her. She asks what befell you, nothing will occur, all that will get fine, I won’t allow anything to happen to you. She requests that Dushyant call for help rapidly.

Dushyant runs. Khanderao says there is no time now. She says nothing will happen to you. He says Ahilya… She says I m with you, open eyes, you can’t lose boldness. Khanderao says no, I will not lose boldness, you are with me. She requests that he open eyes. She gets down on Dushyant. Malhar comes and asks where is Khanderao. Dushyant says he is highly harmed.

Malhar and everybody race to see the harmed troopers. Malhar rushes to Khanderao. Peshwa and Tukoji likewise come to Khanderao. Malhar says my child. Ahilya requests that Malhar see, Surajmal has gone after on them. She requests that he save Khanderao.

Malhar says nothing will happen to you. Tukoji says we need to take him for treatment. Ahilya requests that Khanderao come. Khanderao says no, don’t send me. Malhar says we are with you. Khanderao says no, my time is up. Malhar says no, don’t say this.

Khanderao says I told you, I need to take one more birth to become like you, nothing can happen now, my last barely any breath are left at this point. He gives the ring back to Malhar. He says this ring isn’t made for me. Malhar says no, you merit it, don’t lose mental fortitude, get up, you accompany us.

Khanderao says pardon me. She requests that he come to Vaid ji, don’t get difficult. He says you need to deal with father and Malwa, I will hail for your prosperity. Ramjani comes and gets stunned.

Khanderao asks am I a decent child to you. Malhar says OK, the best child, I have no grumbles. Khanderao says I love you a ton, I feel languid now, make me rest in your lap. Malhar says no. Gunu ji comes there and looks on. Khanderao loses his breath. Malhar, Ahilya and everybody weep for his passing.

Malhar yells Khanderao. Peshwa requests that Malhar keep persistence. Malhar shuts Khanderao’s eyes. Surajmal says I have prevailed over my adversary today. Maan Singh says OK. He requests that the watchman disseminate the desserts. Gunu ji comes to Surajmal. Surajmal says come companion, we have won, I have killed Khanderao. He grins and asks what occurred, are you not blissful, you additionally needed his passing, so you helped me, you needed vengeance for your father and furthermore needed Malwa high position.

Gunu ji says OK, I needed this, yet I didn’t consider the results. Surajmal asks what are you talking about, I will cause you to sit on Malwa lofty position, Malhar and Ahilya are depressed in distress. Gunu ji says they won’t leave you, you got two foes for you now, Malhar and Ahilya, they resemble injured lions now, you attempt to save yourself, safeguard yourself from the shoot you have lit in Holkar family.

Surajmal stresses. Gunu ji says you took care of my responsibilities, I have gone about my responsibilities by alarming you, I will leave presently, recollect that, we don’t have a clue about one another. Monitor gets Khanderao’s pagdi and cries. Gautama divulges it and is stunned. Everybody sobs for Khanderao.

Precap: Malhar requests Ahilya. Peshwa says don’t rely upon Ahilya now, she will likewise get Sati with Khanderao.

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