Mere Sai 1st December 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 1st December 2022 Written Update on

Subhash shares with Sai, I will return rest cash later. Sai saye Subhash we settled on 5₹, Subhash lashes out and thinks about Sai’s recommendation to consider cherished one when you fly off the handle, Subhash quiets down. Sai says currently have food and rest, so you can oversee rest cash tomorrow.

Sai serves Subhash dal khichdi, Subhash says I don’t eat such food, I like all ghee prepared food. Sai says this is what we have in Shirdi, Subhash says sorry I would remain hungry then, since I’m exceptionally rich.

Sai says I know where you should be from however all the extravagance is a direct result of your dad’s hardwork and nothing is finished by you and I’m certain you will make your own personality and do right by yourself and your granddad, yet first quit pride, Subhash says I’m fortunate to conceived rich, so I won’t have such food. Amarpal attempts to make sense of Subhash, Sai says its fine its all pattern of life.

St Nick Banta counting cash taken from Subhash, Banta fools him and takes more cash. Kulkarni grabs cash from the two of them and blames them for taking.

St Nick Banta say we took from a youngster, Kulkarni asks who is this rich kid. St Nick Banta tell about Subhash and his motivation to remain in Shirdi. Kulkarni says so Sai currently charges expenses, this is uplifting news and soon you will know why.

Kamal strolls to Amarpal, Subhash inquires as to what is he doing here, Amarpal says Sai requested that I educate him. Amarpal begins directing Kamal. Subhash says this work doesn’t exactly measure up for you Dadaji. Sai says Subhash all the extravagance you see has begun from this work and no work is little or large and it is generally good to share information. Amarpal says OK and I like it as well.

Subhash shares with Sai, I will bring 4₹ today and remove my Dadaji from here and afterward this won’t make any difference. Sai says I will sit tight for 4₹. Amarpal feels wounds on Subhash’s hand and asks what occurred. Subhash says I dealt with wheel so this injury. Amarpal gives his ring to Subhash and says go give it to a diamond setter and get cash and don’t tell Sai too, I can’t see you in torment.

Subhash leaves, Sai grins. Amarpal begins directing Kamal. Malchapati and others in Dwarka Mai, Malchapati gets some information about Pride and Outrage. Sai makes sense of pride makes yourl childish and makes you consider yourself prevalent, and this can destroy everything.

Subhash attempts to contract ring yet diamond setter says you don’t look from Shirdi and furthermore 4₹ for this ring is less thus this can be taken likewise this isnt your size, Subhash expresses take a gander at me I qm so rich and this ring has a place with my granddad.

A man strolls to Sai and gives sweet as gratitude for aiding him in his new house. Kulkarni strolls to everybody and asks how much did Sai charge you for this. Shama asks Kulkarni not to cross lines, Kulkarni says when he can charge for consideration for what reason mightn’t I at any point talk and Sai here is 800 make it 8000 and I will give you 1000.

Bhama admonishes Kulkarni for ridiculing their commitment towards Sai. Kulkarni says let everybody know that you are charging Amarpal 5₹ to fix him. Sai says OK I have asked Amarpal for cash, everybody befuddled. Bhama says there is most certainly some purpose for this. Kulkarni says you chided me however Sai is insatiable and fools you. Amarpal says he isn’t eager, Sai was offered 100₹ however he requested simply 5₹.

Kulkarni says he is extremely savvy don’t be tricked. Sai gets out anything you think. Kulkarni says presently show your enchanted make these 800 to 8000. Sai says I will however cash goes to one who has taken it. St Nick Banta yell they have taken cash.

Sai tells Kulkarni so this cash isn’t yours however taken from Subhash, Amarpal says so these are hoodlums. Kulkarni begins yelling I’m here to fix this treachery and here to return cash and caution you against Sai and his eagerness. Kulkarni gives Amarpal his cash back and leaves.

Everybody asks Sai for what reason didn’t he reply back Kulkarni. Sai says you shouldn’t necessarily in all cases be trapped in pride of being in every case right, on occasion staying quiet addresses everything.

Subhash boasts about his abundance and says I’m Subhash Gokhale. Diamond setter says what are you doing here then, and you are somebody with such a lot of pride and I would rather not manage such individual, show some regard. Subhash slights the goldsmith, Diamond setter says I will request that all gem dealers not help you.

Pre cap: A man asks Subhash for sugar stick juice as he is remaining close to a juicer, Subhash flies off the handle and says do I seem as though somebody who sells squeeze and put-downs the man. Sai makes sense of a man how pride can demolish things.

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