Mere Sai 30th November 2022 Written Update:

Mere Sai 30th November 2022 Written Update on

Lotus Seller says Jijaji this kid offended me. Subhash thinks let me expressions of remorse to him and finish my work for the present, he will accept it as well. Subhash tells seller, I’m sorry I committed an enormous error yesterday. Merchant says alright I pardon you since I’m Sai fan, Subhash requests 5₹ back, seller inquires as to why.

Subhash says I gravely need them and consequently will give you 100₹ its like compensate for my mix-up. Merchant disagrees. Subhash continues to request cash, merchant feels terrible and says I’m helping on the grounds that Sai has shown us, presently you give 100 first since I have no faith in you.

Subhash sees his cash is taken, he reviews St Nick Banta and says they probably taken it. Seller says one more show by this kid, I won’t give cash until you give me 100₹. Subhash says you saw I had parcel of cash and presently I really want it, merchant denies, Subhash assaults him and attempts to take in the contention seller tumbles down and his pots break.

Jijaji chastens Subhash, and holds his hand and says pay me my cash you won’t leave without paying me, Subhash says I don’t have cash, Jijaji expresses stay here I will show you make pots and afterward leave. Subhash is compelled to help Jijaji.

Kamal works under Amarpal’s directions. Jijaji attempting to show Subhash, Sai strolls in, Subhash protests about Jijaji, Sai says sorry I will not meddle this is among you and him.

Sai asks Jijaji for a mud and place to sit for Bhiksha. Subhash sits alongside Sai, Jijaji tells Sai he needs to go for conveyance and requests to watch out for Subhash. Sai concurs.

Subhash attempts to make pots. Chetan annoyed with gis mother showing subborness, his mom grievances about gis conduct to Sai. Sai strolls to Chetan and inquires as to for what reason is he so irate, Chetan says since it’s against my desire. Sai says outrage ruins our tranquility, and we additionally quit thinking and afterward we continue to ruin all our work, Chetan asks how might O control my indignation?

Sai asks what do you like the most, Chetan says toys. Sai shows toys he made for Chetan, Sai expresses consider thos your quieting specialist. Subhash thinks about Sai’s words and thinks about his granddad and starts dealing with the wheel. Sai grins checking Subhash out. Sai leaves.

Jijaji returns and sees Subhash has made pots for him, and is dealing with more. Jijaji acclaims Subhash and says you can go now, Jijaji counts pots and stoos Subhash and says you made a few additional pots thus you should be paid for your hardwork and hands him 1₹

Amarpal stressed over Subhash, Subhash strolls in, Amarpal going to stagger, Subhash races to stop him. Amarpal asks did you get 5₹. Subhash tells Amarpal his cash got taken, Sai shares with Amarpal Subhash has something exceptionally unique for you, Subhash says OK I procured 1₹ today here take it, I buckled down for it. Amarpal exceptionally blissful requests that he give it to Sai.

Subhash strolls to Sai and says here 1₹, Sai takes a gander at Subhash hand and says seems as though you really buckled down. Subhash says my cash got taken, for the present might you at any point fix my granddad. Sai says sorry the arrangement was of 5₹ thus you really want to give me 4₹ more.

Pre cap: Sai says envy and pride doesn’t allow you to see things plainly, you become self centered. Subhash shares with a merchant, I’m Subhash Gokhale and I won’t twist infront of you.Jeweller says on that note attempt and home loan this ring.

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