Punyashlok Ahilyabai 30th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with the watchman coming to Malhar and saying Peshwa is calling you. Ahilya comes to converse with Malhar and Khanderao. Malhar says Peshwa Sarkar called us, we will talk later. Khanderao requests that she go along. She thinks what to do now.

Tukoji and Ramjani take a mask and come to the post. She moves. He requests that she watch out. The watchmen stop them. He asks what’s extraordinary there. The watchman says ordinance position is getting changed, individuals aren’t permitted there. Khanderao asks the matter. Malhar says Surajmal has sent a letter, he is prepared to give up.

Ahilya says no, matter is something different, he is attempting to occupy us, we shouldn’t completely accept that this letter, he would rather not give up, he has some arrangement, I m saying right, we have seen a few developments at the stronghold. Shinde asks do you have any confirmation. Ahilya says Tukoji has gone to find out, we will realize reality till night.

Peshwa asks what is your take, we ought to decide this letter in view of an uncertainty. Malhar and Shinde say we ought to remain alarm and stand by till night. Ahilya says OK, we ought to watch out for the foe, we need to stop the passage work till we get the data.

Khanderao inquires as to why, this passage can help us, for what reason are you terrified, in the event that you are saying right, on the off chance that Surajmal is arranging against us, we have the passage as a weapon, you said Tukoji will get the news, we will manage it.

Malhar says Khanderao is saying right. Tukoji and Ramjani attempt to hear Surajmal and Maan Singh’s discussions. Maan Singh says on the off chance that Khanderao comes, he will bite the dust by the group impact. Tukoji says we need to go close and hear them. He requests that Ramjani keep the blade close by. Surajmal says Khanderao will come, however he will not return alive, he will kick the bucket. They hear this and get stunned.

Surajmal says I asked two days time from Peshwa, Khanderao will leave the post in two days, I would rather not do this, yet Khanderao left no choice, he will pass on unquestionably. Tukoji and Ramjani leave. He says we need to go out, let us go.

Monitor says the entryway got closed, the entryway will open toward the beginning of the day now. Tukoji says we need to go to town, let us go. He implores them to essentially allow Ramjani to go, she left a little child at home. Watch requests that he go. Tukoji says if it’s not too much trouble, let us go, we need to go. Gautama, Parvati and Harku implore.

Parvati asks will I stay here for at some point assuming you license. Gautama says even my heart is anxious today, I will likewise remain. Harku says I will likewise remain. Ahilya hangs tight for Tukoji and Ramjani. She appeals to God for their wellbeing. She goes to apply sindoor. She actually takes a look at the case. She says sindoor got gotten done, I neglected to top off the sindoor box, what will I do now. She recalls Ramjani.

Khanderao says on the off chance that anybody inquires as to myself, say that I went for some devil work. He leaves. Ahilya searches for sindoor enclose Ramjani’s room. She gets the sindoor box. She takes it to apply. Tukoji and Ramjani come yelling.

The sindoor box tumbles down. Ahilya cries. He says your uncertainty was correct, Surajmal is plotting a risky arrangement to kill Khanderao, we need to tell this to Khanderao soon, proceed to tell him, I will tell Malhar.

They see the sindoor fallen. Ramjani picks the sindoor box and applies tilak to Ahilya. Ahilya proceeds to get some information about Khanderao. Watch says he went for some demon work. Ahilya appeals to God for Khanderao. Malhar sees her running.

Tukoji comes to Malhar and tells everything. Khanderao and the specialists are at the passage site. Khanderao requests that the specialists be cautious, one mix-up can turn into a justification for their loss. Ahilya races to Khanderao. Surajmal signs the man to stack the standard. He gets a firetorch. The sovereigns petition God for Khanderao.

Surajmal lights the standard and grins. The sovereigns attempt to save the diya. Khanderao sees Ahilya. Ahilya sees him and grins. The ordinance raises a ruckus around town at the passage site. Khanderao flies in the air and tumbles down. Ahilya is stunned. The breeze passes over the diya. The sovereigns get stressed.

Ahilya looks on. Malhar asks how might he do this by defying the fight norms. He hears the group impact sound. Ahilya sees the laborers lying dead. She yells Khanderao. She sees Khanderao lying injured.

Precap: Khanderao says I can’t be with you for eternity. He kicks the bucket. Malhar, Ahilya and Tukoji sob for Khanderao.

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