Punyashlok Ahilyabai 29th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Malerao asking how will we respond that father returns soon. Gautama says when any circumstance isn’t in our grasp, then, at that point, we ought to petition Mahadev. They ask. Khanderao sees Malhar reflecting. He stays there.

Malhar expresses you here, what occurred. Khanderao says I m seeing you, when you were reflecting, I felt like I have seen a yogi, you are a fighter and furthermore a meditator, I was figuring how could an individual have two unmistakable symbols. Malhar grins. Dwarka stresses and reviews Gunu ji’s words. Watch comes. She requests that he get all the data, about Khanderao’s prosperity. Monitor goes.

Yamuna inquires as to for what reason are you stressed for Khanderao. Dwarka says I feel somebody is bamboozling us. Yamuna says its great, we will dispose of him. Dwarka reprimands her. She says I would rather not make Ahilya and Parvati widows. She petitions God for Khanderao.

She says when I heard the youngsters, I feel Khanderao ought to win and return, father’s affection is kids’ right, he needs to return, I will appeal to God for him. She cries. Gautam sees the diya glinting. Everybody holds it. Dwarka additionally comes to safeguard it. Gautama grins. Malhar says you can likewise accomplish this by assurance. Khanderao says I can’t become like you.

Malhar says no, dislike that, we need to do Karm and Dharm, you will likewise arrive at this point soon, how could you come here as of now, any exceptional explanation. Khanderao says it’s an important day of my life, the most demon, I won’t ever think back, so I came to accept your adoration and strength as gift, with the goal that I don’t stagger prior to making any pixie stride. Malhar says I will give you my life’s most valuable thing today.

Surajmal sees the standard. He says Ahilya has held onto our weapons, yet I think when everybody quits reasoning, Khanderao will kick the bucket now, this battle wasn’t yours, yet among me and the ruler, yet you got obstinate. Ahilya says thanks to Ramjani.

Ramjani says I generally appeal to God for Khanderao’s triumph. Ahilya plays out the Surya puja. She requests that the gatekeeper get the optics. Ramjani asks what occurred. Ahilya actually takes a look at through the optics. She says some development is seen on the stronghold today, check.

Ramjani likewise checks. Ahilya says it appears as though something will occur there. Ramjani says OK. Ahilya calls the watchman.

Malhar gives his ring to Khanderao. He says Bajirao Peshwa gave me this ring, it’s an image of Maratha line, I need to give this obligation to you, I need to see you succeeding, you have won many fights, you will compose history today, your name will be written in brilliant words, this ring is an indication of my solidarity and gifts, it will remain with you.

Khanderao takes his favors. Malhar embraces him. Ahilya alarms Tukoji and requests that he see the development at the stronghold. He says we need to figure out what’s going on there. She requests that he send the men there to find out. She says we need somebody reasonable and courageous. Ramjani says you can definitely relax, I will go.

Tukoji says I will likewise come. Ahilya says prepare quick, I will illuminate Malhar and Khanderao. Tukoji asks Ramjani how might she do this, its hazardous. Ramjani says I m a specialist in such mystery missions, come.

Precap: Ahilya hurries to see Khanderao. She yells out. He hears her. The diya is passed over.

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