Pandya Store 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Dhara locking the cabinet ignorant about Shiva being inside. Dhara leaves the room. Shiva considers how to escape the pantry without anybody’s information. He hears entryway opening and says that somebody has come.

Raavi takes a gander at the photographs of Shiva and herself and converses with Shiva. She asks him where he is and says to get back to him. Shiva tells himself that he is here just and will get back to her. He expresses her to hang tight for his return. Raavi tells herself that Shiva will return. She opens the cabinet. Shiva holds Raavi’s dupatta and gets close to home. Dhara gets down on Raavi. The last option is going to move and quits inclination a draw in her dupatta.

Raavi takes a shirt of Shiva. She cries embracing it. She recalls her second with Shiva. Shiva likewise cries holding Raavi’s duppata and reviews a second with her. He kisses the dupatta and leaves it. Raavi leaves the room leaving the cabinet open. Shiva expresses gratitude toward Raavi for the equivalent. He escapes the house.

Prafulla is warming the sabzi on the gas oven. The oven switches off. Prafulla understands that the chamber become unfilled, so she goes to the storeroom to get another chamber. In the mean time Shiva gets into the storeroom through the window and conceals himself. Prafulla comes to the storeroom. She gets call and is occupied with that. Shiva goes inside the house utilizing this open door.

Raavi recalls the boozer words and the draw of duppata she felt. She opens the cabinet. She says that Shiva hasn’t arrived at this point she can feel his presence here. She says that he was there and she can detect it.

Opposite side Prafulla sits to eat. She understands that she didn’t bring water and goes to get it. Meanwhile Shiva eats Prafulla’s food. He conceals on hearing strides. Prafulla is stunned on finding the food is missing and contemplates whether any hoodlum who takes food is wandering in the territory.

The following day morning Shiva comes masked as a bangle dealer. He gets down on Dhara to purchase bangles. Dhara is stunned when he says that her better half likes red bangles. She asks how he knows it. Shiva oversees saying that all spouses like red variety bangles. He gets down on Rishita to purchase bangles. Shiva drops not many bangles and contacts Dhara’s feet to take her endowments on the appearance of getting the bangles.

Dhara says Shiva. Rishita comes to them and says that she additionally needs to get bangles. She says that they ought to get for Raavi also. Shiva says to call her as well. He asks her bangle size. Raavi emerges. Rishita shares with Raavi that bangle merchant has come, let get bangles for them.

Raavi says that she isn’t intrigued. Shiva says that she will get intrigued on seeing the bangles. Rishita effectively brings Raavi there. Shiva shows Raavi the bangles. She shows him her hand to attempt the bangles. Shiva imagines that he came facing a challenge to see Raavi. Shiva makes Raavi wear the bangles. Dhara says Shiva. Shiva says that he is bangles vender Shankar.

Police shows up at Pandya house and requests Gautam. On seeing police Shiva conceals himself. Dhara says that she’s Gautam’s significant other and asks what they need. They say that individuals are lying for remuneration cash. They got data that Shiva is alive and a boozer spotted him. Dhara gets dubious recollecting about the bangles merchant. Shiva hears this and leaves from that point.

Precap: Dhara goes behind the bangles vender. She yells to stop. Shiva checks out at Dhara and runs. Dhara pursues him and attempts to get him.

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