Pandya Store 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Shiva covering his face and turning opposite side on seeing Dhara coming his side. Dhara sense something and pauses and look on for some time. She returns to the store. Shiva believes that he is being valuable to his family after his passing, so it’s really great for them assuming he remains demise. He chooses to Raavi once prior to leaving.

Gautam requests that Raavi sit in the money counter as they got the shop back. All demands her. Shiva sees this stowing away. Raavi says that main the storekeeper has the privilege to sit in the money counter. She says that she can’t put Shiva in an awful mood by sitting on this. She says that once Shiva caused him to stay at this very moment she will make it happen. Raavi causes Gautam to sit on cash counter.

Shiva gets profound on seeing his loved ones. He says that he can’t get back to Raavi till he orchestrates the remuneration add up to get back to the public authority. He doesn’t embarrassment for his loved ones. So he chooses to remain away till everything sorts out. Shiva hallucines that Prafulla detected her and she took steps to call police to get him and his family captured. He understands that a boozer distinguished him in genuine.

The last option tells him that he isn’t Shiva, he is Ram. The lush will not trust him. Shiva deceives him and getaways from him. He conceals himself and thinks that he needs to evaporate like phantom. He chooses to conceal himself in Prafulla’s home.

Gautam sees that Janardan is clearing his shop and gets some information about the equivalent to Dev. The last option says that since it pursued in misfortune they left. Gautam gets miserable. Dev inquires as to why he is vexed. Gautam misses Shiva and express his despondency.

Dev, Rishita and Krish embrace Gautam. Suman says that Shiva lives in every one of them, so he can never disappear from them. Rishita inquires as to whether she didn’t return home. Dhara says that needed to get vegetables. She asks Gautam for cash. The alcoholic comes to the store and says that Shiva is alive and he saw him stunning the family. Prafulla comes there and hears this. Raavi goes out and gets down on Shiva. Raavi asks the lush where he saw Shiva. He says that he saw him close to the beat.

Krish rushes to check and doesn’t track down him. Krisn inquires as to whether he was Shiva, he would have come to the shop why he didn’t come. Alcoholic says that he saw Shiva just, he will return. Raavi says that he isn’t lying Shtid alive. She tells Dhara to proceed to track down Shiva. Dhara quiets her down. Krish and Gautam maje the boozer leave. Gautam shares with Suman to not trust the lush’s words.

In the night Shiva sneaks inside his home. Dhara retuns home from the market. She reviews the boozer words and cries. She asks where Shiva is no more. Shiva is placing his garments clinched. Dhara hears a commotion and goes to check. Shiva hears strides and conceals inside the cabinet.

Dhara comes to Shiva’s room and says that this house is loaded up with his presence. She finds Shiva’s pantry open. She imagines that Raavi left it open. She closes it and leaves. Shiva attempted to open the cabinet and understands that Dhara locked it. He considers how to get out it.

Precap: Police comes to the Pandys and says that individuals lie for remuneration cash, they got news that Shiva is seen alive. He cautions them to capture assuming that they have misdirected the public authority. Raavi says that Shiva is alive, she can feel him, he is fine. Suman looks on.

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