Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd June 2022 Written Update:

Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Banni showing Yuvan how to move. Yuvan can’t make it happen. Banni helps him yet he drops her. Yuvan apologizes to her and assists her with standing up. Then she grins and requests that Yuvan give heart to Niyati. Manini and Niyati come there and grin.

Manini asks what are they doing in a shut room with dance and different things. Banni says she is training him to propose to her and you ruined the unexpected he is sorting out for you. Niyati says she can show him and takes Banni with her powerfully. Manini tosses the heart image from Yuvan.

Niyati lets Banni know that her goals are bad. Banni says he is a youngster in my eyes so to charge me. Niyati says he is an adult man and I will have jokes with him as well. Banni says you need to win Yuvan with companionship and he has hardly any insight into sentiment and others and I lack opportunity and willpower to contend with you as I need to pass on to give food to others once I feed food to Yuvan.

Devraj asks what occurred. Niyati gripes to Devraj about Banni. Banni provokes Niyati to effectively take care of Yuvan food before her, then, at that point, she won’t visit Yuvan’s home any other way I will come here to take care of him food. Niyati sees Manini and acknowledges the demand.

Manini goes to Yuvan’s room and lets him know that Banni is harmed and went to Doctor so eat with Niyati’s hand. Yuvan denies. Manini tosses Dart to the board and lets him know that Banni can never plan food on the off chance that she takes care of food to him with a harmed hand and Banni requests that he eat food with Niyati’s hand assuming you acknowledge Banni as his companion. Yuvan consents to eat from Niyati’s hand. Manini messages Niyati to not allow Banni to come before Yuvan.

Niyati sees food and takes the food plate from Banni and advises her to see from outside how she takes care of food to Yuvan. Devraj thinks he wants to observe it. Niyati attempts to take care of food to Yuvan. Yuvan asks when Banni will get back from Doctor. Niyati says tomorrow she will come. Devraj requests that Banni hear what’s going on. Banni strolls forward.

Yuvan hears Payal’s sound and says Banni is here. Yuvan says Banni is here and he attempts to go out yet Niyati stops him. Yuvan pushes her. Banni and Manini and Devraj come there. Yuvan asks Banni where she got harmed as his new mother told him. Devraj says Banni is fine. Manini admonishes Yuvan for his terrible habits. Yuvan says he didn’t and says you likewise deceived me. Banni requests that he apologize to Niyati.

Yuvan tells he will apologize in the wake of eating food. Manini says he will not get food on the off chance that he didn’t apologize. Banni says you believe I should leave from here that is the reason you’re arranging against me as Yuvan isn’t your organic child and I will come here consistently to take care of food to Yuvan.

Precap – Devraj, his better half, and Myra feel Banni is right for Yuvan and they feel it as an indication of god to when she enters inside making some meaningful differences of kumkum. Banni gets stunned seeing Raju rambunctious at her place.

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