Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Kishore saying he become a devotee of Katha as she dismissed the proposition of hot hunk. Kabir inquires as to why he is adulating her when he is against their relationship. Kishore says you proposed to wed her as you feel compassion toward her and you met her a couple of times and it can’t be love. Kabir says he will demonstrate it and grins seeing his muskan cake. Kabir meets Uma. Uma apologizes to him from Katha’s side. Kabir tells her that he experience passionate feelings for Katha. Uma favors him. Kabir requests that Uma consent talk with Katha once and tells her that it’s not his compassion and his adoration.

Katha emerges from her room. She demands him to leave. Kabir says I didn’t stop you while you’re advising your perspective so allow me an opportunity to tell my form. Katha goes to her room. Uma requests that he talk with Katha. Kabir requests that Katha sit. He tells her the amount he began cherishing her and tells her that he feels cheerful when her contemplations come to him and don’t have any idea when I succumb to you yet I realize that I love you and my regard for you is getting expanded step by step. Katha wipes her tears. He gives her Muskaan cake and advises her that she is his motivation to make that cake and requests that she become his soul mate. Katha says she can’t contain with her sense of pride.

Kabir says you don’t have to make it happen and I likewise don’t have to give legitimization to anybody and I need to live with you. He tells her I love you, Katha. Katha looks on. Kabir tells her he acknowledges her child too as her child is essential for her and he isn’t feeling compassion yet his affection and requests that what’s the issue wed him. Katha says she lost trust in affection. Kabir tells her he won’t compel her and tells her that he hangs tight for her in his entire life and tells her that he truly adores her. Uma and Manu feel blissful hearing his admission. Uma implores Naini maa to cause Katha to acknowledge the Kabir.

Kabir takes the coin he got in the fair and tells her his Mom word about that coin and requests that she keep it with her. Katha sees the coin and asks where he gets it. She shows it to her mother. Kabir says he gets in the fair. Uma says it’s a sign. She lets Kabir know that it’s the coin of their father and I make her toss it for her accomplice. Kabir says his mother’s words are valid in regards to the coin. Uma requests that Katha acknowledge Kabir’s proposition as you got an obvious indicator. Kabir requests that Uma not force Katha. He requests that Katha require some investment. He leaves. Uma and Manu request that Katha acknowledge Kabir for their joy. Katha stops Kabir and acknowledges his proposition. Manu embraces Katha saying at last she will get hitched. Katha says she has a condition.

Kabir requests that she tell. Katha requests that he come clean with his relatives about before their marriage. Uma says it’s your own and for what reason to tell him. Katha says I don’t leave Rahul so Kabir’s family has to know it as I can’t bear on the off chance that anybody regards him as someone else. Kabir tells her it will be their child and I will be a legend to him and my family will urge you to rebuff that offender and I acknowledge your condition and I will wed you in the wake of telling truth to my loved ones. Uma says Katha is fortunate and requests that she acknowledge him. Katha acknowledges him gesturing yes.

Precap – Kabir presents the wristband, Katha. Kabir lets his sibling know that he will wed and his sibling is, in all honesty, Kabir.

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