Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Banni let Yuvan know that he needs to hold his ears until he is sorry. Yuvan does as she said. Banni takes care of food to him. Yuvan says his ears are tormenting. Banni requests that he apologize. Yuvan apologizes to Niyati. They leave. Devraj thinks just Banni and his mother can oversee him.

Manini reproves Niyati for becoming looser like Viraj. She says you’re such a failure. Banni says Yuvan’s mother Payal saved us this day. Devraj says his mother’s favors are with him. Banni returns Payal. Yuvan tells he is furious with her for causing me to apologize to Niyati. He requests that she leave. Banni lets him know she is leaving and won’t come tomorrow.

Go lets Manini know that he requested mainland and oriental food. Myra asks what will Yuvan eat, it’s not as he would prefer. Manini says he needs to change his taste. She sees Banni and lets him know that tomorrow is his commitment so you don’t have to come here.

Banni requests that she pay attention to it and tells her that she will come until Devraj wishes her to take care of him food. She tells Niyati to not stress as she can wed him Nd get connected with to him. Yuvan inquires as to whether she is changing seriously like Pari. Devraj says she did in light of the fact that you showed her jokes. Banni requests that relatives not look for wrong in that frame of mind as our companionship is unadulterated. Manini shows rings of commitment to Yuvan.

Yuvan takes the ring and embraces Banni and argues her to not leave. She makes him leave her. He attempts to make Banni wear the ring. Banni stops him and says these jokes are making others point us and you’re getting drew in to Niyati and going to wed her not me.

Yuvan asks whom will he sympathize with his aggravation and who will take care of him when he is ravenous. Banni requests that he figure out the distinction and leaves. Devraj apologizes to Banni and doesn’t genuinely regret Yuvan’s way of behaving. Banni tells she won’t acknowledge his way of behaving. Devraj requests that he go to the commitment.

Banni concurs and lets him know that she will amaze Yuvan and Yuvan is making me experience my life as a youngster and his heart is so great. Devraj says she is making them see Yuvan from an alternate point. Banni goes aside to go to her client call. Devraj says wish Banni gets connected with to Yuvan. Myra and Sulakha hear it. Myra requests that he get it going and god won’t come to tell you.

Banni returns and is going to leave yet sees she failed to remember her shoes. She heads inside. Banni ventures inside the house stepping on the red tone. Sulekha says God gave them his indication as well. Banni leaves. Myra and Sulekha request that Devraj go to consult with Banni and her family about the collusion and let him know that they can talk by implication.

Banni sees Raja at home. She inquires as to why they came. Raja says he came for their union as your Mamusa took cash from me and I will wed you without a doubt. Banni says she will wed an individual whom she loves and lets them know characteristics she needs and lets them know that she will wed her equivalent individual. Devraj and Myra hear it. Raja says he will grab her from mandap. Banni requests that he leave. She sees Devraj and Myra.

Precap – Anchal tells Manini that Yuvan is missing from home. Palak and Myra illuminate their Dad that Yuvan is missing. Manini asks Banni where she concealed Yuvan.

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