Kabhi Kabhie Ittefaq Sey 24th June 2022 Written Update:

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The episode begins with Gungun telling Garima that she realizes that Anubhav is harmed, however he can be fine in some time. Akriti can have her spot in his heart, yet she can’t fill his family place in Anubhav’s life. Anubhav can’t be blissful without his loved ones. Garima gets some information about Anubhav’s joy, his satisfaction is with her. Gungun says that family is with Akriti.

Garima says that she figures out this and inquires as to why she needs to wed Ranvijay. Gungun says to get Anubhav far from her. She will not have the option to prevent him from coming to her assuming that she remains unmarried. Garima says that she will find a decent counterpart for her, Ranvijay will obliterate her life. Gungun says that this arrangement is productive assuming her obliteration is advantageous for Anubhav.

Ankit asks Anubhav what has been going on with him. Yug inquires as to whether he battled with Gungun. Golu asks explanation for his choice. Anubhav says that he would rather not discuss it. That’s what golu says assuming he battled with Gungun, he ought to end the battle, not the connection.

Anubhav says that it’s not any connection, but rather a simply joke. Golu requests to say plainly what occurred. Anubhav tells them what occurred. The three won’t really accept that that Gungun can do this. Ankit says that perhaps she did it purposely, Anubhav says that Gungun doesn’t know that he was going there and Ranvijay was available before he arrived at there.

Gungun says that Anubhav loathes Ranvijay, so assuming he weds Ranvijay, Anubhav will can’t stand her. Garima inquires as to whether he can bear the contempt of the individual whom she adores. Gungun says that she has no other choice. Garima says that poor Anubhav will admonish Gungun and lament for his entire life adoring her.

Gungun says that she’s mindful that the entire world will misjudge her, however she trusts that somebody grasp her, so she told her beginning and end. She demands Garima to not tell this to anybody particularly Anubhav. Garima says that Gungun will not have the option to live without Anubhav.

Gungun says that she will consume her entire time on earth with Anubhav’s recollections. Here Golu can hardly imagine how Gungun and Anubhav’s romantic tale can have this kind of end. Ankit says that they ought to converse with Gungun once. Yug and Golu concur with him. Golu chooses to converse with Gungun the following day. Anubhav denies. He says that Gungun never adored him, yet he cherished her and this is his misstep.

Golu inquires as to whether anything that Gungun accomplished for him in Mumbai were time elapse. Anubhav saye that Gungun is wedding Ranvijay who is liable for his capturing. Police captured him for the equivalent, she will wed him in spite of knowing this. She tells them that they found their solutions and requests to let him be.

Journalists have shown up at the Kulshreshths to take Anubhav’s meeting. Charudatt and Chandru tell Anubhav to meet Mishra ji first. Anubhav obliges. The women of the house examine about Anubhav passing on Gungun and gives the credit to Akriti’s vermillion’s power. They bother Akriti where she will vacation with Anubhav.

Akriti blushee when Goli discusses uplifting news. In the night Anubhav comes to his room and thinks that it is enhanced. Nithi and Chavi close the entryway and takes off. Akriti says that Anubhav got doused in the downpour, so she brought turmeric milk for him. Anubhav drinks it. Akriti stops Anubhav and embraces him. Anubhav embraces her back and grins. Akriti says that now she accepts that he truly returned to her. She inquires as to whether he is just hers.

Anubhav says OK. Akriti kisses Anubhav’s hand and expresses gratitude toward him. Akriti attempts to get heartfelt with Anubhav. The last option stops her truism that somebody is at the doorstep. Akriti says that it doesn’t make any difference as nobody can seperate them. Anubhav gives the reason of having migraine to keep away from Akriti. The last option says that it very well may be because of the medication’s belongings. She requests that he rest.

Anubhav gers miserable recollecting Gungun. He feels that he can’t disappear from Gungun’s recollections notwithstanding disappearing from her. He believes that he feels her touch when he contacts Akriti. Gungun inquires as to whether he rested. Anubhav say no. Akriti says that she ought to call Gungun and say that she can’t separate them in spite of every one of her endeavors.

Gungun is sobbing for making’s Anubhav extremely upset. She says that he likewise made herextremely upset by tolerating that she misdirected him without scrutinizing her. She says that she doesn’t have freedoms neither on his affection nor his disdain. She separates. She accepts Akriti’s call.

She responds to it and inquires as to why she called her subsequent to getting her significant other. Akriti insults Gungun and encourages her to get hitched. She makes Gungun feels envious lying that they began their marriage and she called her to share this uplifting news. She disengages the call while Gungun looks on stunned.

Precap: Charudatt tells Chandru that Gungun will be respected with an honor by the public authority for her valiance. He shows the paper to Chandru. Chandru says that Gungun merit this honor. Charudatt says that their family name is referenced after Gungun’s name. Akriti says that Government welcomed their family to the honor service.

Charudatt says that they will not go to this capability. Sargam inquires as to whether he will go to Gungun’s honor service. Chandru says that Anubhav ought to choose it without anyone else. Anubhav feels that he is glad for Gungun, however why he ought to go while she will wed Ranvijay and begin her life, so he shouldn’t go there.

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