Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st July 2022 Written Update:

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 1st July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ashwini attempting to comfort Bhavani. She sits close to her and solicitation her to fail to remember the past. She tells that Sai and Virat are so eager to invite their kid and demands Bhavani to give her favors to them. In the interim, Ashwini additionally reminds Bhavani that how she dealt with Virat when he was borned. She gets close to home and demands Bhavani to do likewise with Virat’s kid. She request that she make the garments for the new conceived child and declares that main she reserve the privilege to hold the child before anybody. Ashwini tells that Bhavani need to safeguard the child, similar to the manner in which she safeguarded Virat.

Here, Ashwini attempts to get Bhavani absolution and request that she leave her annoyance to the side. Though, the last option tells that she had the option to take care of Ashwini and Virat simply because they were close to her. She shows her anxiety that how she will actually want to safeguard the child, when the substitute won’t even live with them.

Bhavani attempts to tells her concern to Ashwini and says that nobody is figuring out her expectations. Ashwini likewise gets close to home seeing tears in Bhavani’s eyes. While, Vaishali request that Pakhi stop her ploy against Sai and Virat. She shows her anxiety towards her girl and says that she can’t see her in a difficult situation.

Somewhere else, Vaishali says that Pakhi is changed while the last option gets incensed and communicates her displeasure out. She tells that she have consistently endured in light of Sai and couldn’t ready to calmly carry on with her life. She pronounces that she is something similar and haven’t changed by any means, however presently she can’t leave the ones who harms her. She declares to get her payback from Sai.

Pakhi questions Vaishali that why she never upholds her? She inquire as to why cant she see her aggravation and languishing. Pakhi cries being harmed, while Vaishali answers that she will continuously accompany her and consents to help. Vaishali guarantees to satisfy Pakhi’s ploy against Sai, while around then Bhavani comes to meet Pakhi.

Ahead, Pakhi shows her phony worry towards Bhavani and gets fruitful in catching her in the ploy. Bhavani gets close to home expressing that Pakhi is such a lot of worried about the family and her, yet nobody can grasp her benevolence. Pakhi solaces Bhavani and grins when the last option disappears from the room.

Chavans compliments Sai and Virat as they were going to go to the clinic. Devyani communicates her joy for Sia, while the last option lets Mansi know that Samrat will continuously be there with them. Mansi grins towards Sai and favors her. While, Bhavani demands to oblige Sai and Virat to meet Geeta. Virat consents to her solicitation and visits the specialist.

Further, Bhavani inquire as to whether there would be any risk to the child? To which the last option answers that all will be well. She says that they just need to ensure that Geeta comes to the medical clinic in no less than three hours, so they can begins the methodology as Sai’s freezed egg will not have the option to endure all the more then three hours. Sai guarantees that Geeta will coke on time. Though, Pakhi masks herself as a clinic staff and arrives at Geeta’s home, while the last option gets confounded seeing her.

Precap:- Pakhi shows the agreements of surrogacy to Geeta and Yogesh, while the last option gets stunned seeing that Geeta might go to prison. He becomes irate expressing that Sai has hided such something major from them. He pronounces that Geeta won’t turn into their substitute, however the last option attempts to quiet him. She says that she confides in Sai and demands to converse with her, however Yogendra remains firm on his choice and prevents Geeta from reaching Sai.

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