Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 24th June 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Jhuki Jhuki Si Nazar 24th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sudha meeting Saloni and inquire as to whether she will satisfy one of her significant desire? To which the last option guarantees Sudha and get some information about the wish. Sudha grins taking a gander at Saloni and tells that she have perceived how Armaan and Saloni are near each other and wishes to see them together. She tells that she believes them should remain together, while Saloni gets stunned and reminds Sudha that Armaan is as of now hitched to Dia and she can’t break their relationship. Sudha attempts to make Saloni quiet and tells that she wishes to consider her to be her girl in-regulation and goes up against about her affections for Armaan.

Here, Sudha tells that she just have confidence in Saloni, to get a grandkid. She says that Dia will not have the option to satisfy her desire and just Saloni is the ideal individual to convey Armaan’s youngster. She shows her trust upon Saloni, yet the last option gets apprehensive and says that she won’t have the option to make it happen.

Saloni gets up from Sudha’s side and attempts to cause her to comprehend that she will not have the option to break Dia and Armaan’s relationship. She broadcasts that they are made for one another, while Sudha denies and tells that everybody have some flimsy spot in their relationship and decides to utilize it against Armaan and Dia. While, Saloni envisions her inward craving before her, who demands her to acknowledge Sudha’s arrangement.

Ahead, Palki gets anxious to meet Krish, while her dad guarantees her. Bhavna watches out for Krish and gets inside his cabinet when he leaves the room. She really takes a look at his PC and gets his photos with Palki. He takes out the photos of the multitude of pictures and gives it to Madhu, while the last option gets thrilled and values Bhavna.

Sudha ponders sending Armaan alongside Saloni to her place, so he will get isolated from Dia. While, Armaan attempts to persuade Sudha to excuse Dia and him, however the last option remains firm on his choice. Armaan demands Sudha a few times, while the last option at long last says that she will take care of it.

Further, Bhavna and Madhu chooses to show the evidences against Palki and Krish’s relationship to Sudha. They shows him the photos while the last option gets stunned. Madhu and Bhavna prompts her against Palki and Dia, while the last option denies to get her hitched to Krish. Though, Dia and Armaan goes to the God for their prosperity.

Precap:- Armaan attempts to reassure Sudha and consents to her choice, expressing that he and Krish will go to Jammu alongside Saloni. While, Dia stops them and says that the issue is with them. She twists down to take Sudha’s endowments, yet the last option keeps away from them..Dia broadcasts to take off from the house alongside Palki and begins leaving there. Though, Armaan demands Sudha to stop them however the last option remains firm on her choice.

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