Pandya Store 16th December 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store 16th December 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with the local individuals insulting and embarrassing Gautam and Dhara for allowing Shweta to ask with Chiku. Raavi shares with Rishita that now Dhara will go on and nobody will actually want to stop her. Gautam moves towards Shweta.

Rishita shares with Raavi that Shweta affected Gautam. Shweta inquires as to whether Dhara is coming towards her. The auntie checks. Dhara stops Gautam and gestures no. She takes him in reverse. The auntie tells Shweta the equivalent. Shweta is stunned to see the Pandyas going inside the house and shutting the entryway.

Dhara begins to get ready to make papad. Raavi says that she will do. Suman shows up there. Dhara rejects. She insults Raavi and requests that she proceed to get another line of work for her. Rishita requests that Raavi hush up else Dhara will let her resentment on her. That’s what raavi says assuming something happens to Chiku, they can never excuse themselves. Rishita concurs with her. In Pandya store, Krish responds irately and states that he is additionally the store’s one of the proprietors when Shiva and Dev order him to accomplish some work.

Shiva tells Krish that main Dhara and Gautam are proprietor of the shop. Krish chuckles and says that they exacerbated Dhara and Gautam’s than a worker by rehashing this. Krish says that they ought to be embarrassed that, as a result of them, Dhara needs to pick either the family and Chiku.

He says that they have become egotistical after their wedding. Dev lashes out and says that assuming it’s the situation, they would have pondered the family. Krish says that Dev ponders his family, which has just Rishita and Chutki. He says that he pays attention to just Rishita and ponders just Chutki and he couldn’t care less about anything more.

He further says that Shiva likewise began to do likewise by seeing Dev. He says that Dhara needs to consider the family the two of them don’t ponder the family. Krish says that they can’t see Dhara’s aggravation, which infuriates Shiva. He reprimands Krish. Krish says that he has no spouse to prevent him from saying reality. That’s what krish says assuming Dhara was egotistical and had thought about just her bliss a long time back, they would have been out and about rather than Chiku. He inquires as to why they can’t be magnanimous like Dhara and says that nothing will occur, assuming Shweta gets back.

In Pandya’s home, Dhara starts to sob uncontrollably subsequent to seeing the state of Chiku. Gautam attempts to reassure her. Rishita heads outside and gives Shweta some cash. She reproaches Shweta for being the justification for Chiku’s demolishing wellbeing. Shweta won’t take the cash. The auntie takes the cash from Rishita. Rishita returns into the house subsequent to calling Shweta an egotistical lady. The auntie shares with Shweta that they got some cash after the finish of their theatrics. Shweta says that it’s simply the start. The auntie inquires as to whether she actually figures Dhara will come.

There, Krish says that fortunately that Shweta left her subsequent to seeing them. Shiva says that she’s making issues subsequent to going out. Krish says that whether Shweta makes issues outside the house or inside the house, it won’t influence him as he will continuously trust his loved ones. Here, Rishita shares with the family that she gave 5k to Shweta for Chiku’s treatment so she doesn’t ask before their home.

Shweta shares with the auntie that it’s fine that Dhara didn’t come, yet she induced the family. She says that Raavi and Dhara will battle assuming they are familiar Rishita giving the cash. She says that the Pandya family has begun to break. She leaves with the auntie.

Dhara hollers out at Rishita for giving 5k Shweta. She storms inside the house. Gautam leaves. He imagines that Dhara is changing and turning into a terrible individual after Chiku went out. He goes to face Shweta. Gautam asks Shweta for what good reason she’s involving Chiku for her childishness when she doesn’t need Chiku. He requests that Shweta give Chiku to him and Dhara for reception.

Shweta inquires as to whether he will fall on her feet and rub his nose, in the event that she denies. Gautam reviews Dhara crying. He falls on Shweta’s feet, stunning Shweta. Gautam asks Shweta not to pamper Chiku’s life and gives Chiku to them. Shweta imagines that she cherishes Chiku and can’t remain without him. Gautam requests that she stop her theatrics, as they all realize that she doesn’t adore Chiku. He requests that she tell him straightforwardly how much cash she needs to leave Somanth. Shweta requests that he give her 25 lakhs to save his loved ones.

Precap: Krish discovers that Shweta requested that 25 lakhs leave Somanth and defies her. Shweta requests 25 lakhs to save his family and says that each Pandya ought to sign the report that Krish gives her that cash. She says that she will perceive the way Krish will persuade each Pandya to break the family.

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