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Episode begins with Rajjo telling the Thakurs to fail to remember whatever occurred as it was a misconception and talks them not to think all the poor are terrible and abuse them. She says that nobody has seen the future and poor can likewise become rich.

She further says that regardless of where she will be, she will continuously petition God for their joy. Pratap favors Rajjo to be content where she will be. Rajjo takes a gander at Madhu who is standing higher up and says that she disturbed Madhu more, in this way, perhaps, she would rather not see her face.

She says that it’s fine. She requests that Chirag open her mother’s room, so she can leave, taking Manorama alongside her. Madhu says uproariously that Rajjo will stay put, astonishing everybody. Madhu descends steps.

Madhu apologizes to Rajjo for abusing and insulting her. She says that despite the fact that it’s a constrained marriage, Rajjo kept her marriage with Arjun and satisfied every one of the spouse’s obligations. She says that she perceived Urvashi’s genuine nature and saved her significant other from the risk which she neglected to detect being a mother. She shouts that Rajjo should be Arjun’s significant other and her girl in-regulation. Pushkar is stunned to hear this, while Kalindi and Chirag grin. Manorama additionally is glad to hear this. Madhu laments reviling Arjun for bringing Rajjo into their lives. She faults herself for misconception Rajjo and falling flat not to see her sincere goals. She says that she committed an error by fixing Urvashi’s wedding with Arjun, who is now hitched to Rajjo.

Rajjo says that Arjun dropped their marriage. She says that the paper in which she marked expresses plainly there is no relationship with them. Arjun concurs with Rajjo and says that nothing remains between them.

Arjun and Rajjo say that destiny’s down is over at this point. Madhu says that it’s anything but a game, yet a sign that Arjun and Rajjo are bound to be together, which she has neglected to comprehend. She says that she has figured out it now and pronounces that Rajjo is this house’s little girl in-regulation and Arjun’s significant other. Arjun shares with Madhu that Rajjo would rather not stay there and, besides, she didn’t ask what Rajjo needs.

Arjun says that he realizes what is in her heart. Rajjo affirms something similar. She says that she additionally realizes Urvashi is in his heart, so they needed to settle down in America after their wedding. Madhu is stunned to hear this. Rajjo says that he preplanned his future and she was no place in his future. She says that his heart likewise acknowledged this, so he tossed her out of it. She chooses to leave as she has finished the work to which she returned. Arjun tells Rajjo that she has additionally currently chosen to leave him.

Madhu intercedes and reminds Arjun and Rajjo that they’re a couple. She says that regardless of under which conditions they got hitched, they played out the wedding ceremonies which they can’t deny. She asks Madhu where her vermilion and her matrimonial chain are. Rajjo says that she eliminated them. She says that she ought to have eliminated them when Arjun cut every one of his binds with her by making her sign the paper in which Arjun plainly expressed that this marriage was only a deception in which she kept Arjun effectively. Madhu shares with Rajjo that the paper has no worth before the marital chain and the vermilion.

Manorama hears Madhu.She feels that Madhu is correct and chooses to go out and clarify for Arjun and Rajjo. Madhu gets Arjun and Rajjo’s legal documents and consumes them. Sia applauds her hands.Madhu says that Arjun’s wedding was fixed today and she consumed the legal documents with that blessed fire. Manorama sees this from the gallery and grins. Pushkar sees Manorama.

He hauls Manorama inside the room. He tells Manorama that she can only with significant effort rout him. Manorama snickers and ridicules him, saying that he, at the end of the day, acknowledged his loss. Pushkar cruelly snatches Manorama’s shoulder and says that nobody can overcome him and Manorama can’t rival him. Here, Madhu and Chirag attempt to persuade Arjun and Rajjo to acknowledge their sentiments.

Precap: Madhu requests that Rajjo swear on Arjun and say that she has no affections for him. Pushkar undermines Manorama. Madhu is stunned to see this.

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