Rajjo 30th November 2022 Written Update:

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Episode begins with Arjun going to Rajjo, who is pressing Urvashi’s dupatta. Arjun pulls the duppata away. Rajjo reproves him for ruining the duppata. Arjun and Rajjo contend. Rajjo requests that Arjun leave and starts pressing the duppata once more. Arjun pulls Rajjo nearer to him. They share an eye lock. Urvashi shows up there and vapor in the wake of seeing Arjun with Rajjo.

She sees her duppata is consuming. She says fire. Arjun extinguishes the fire and inquires as to whether she’s fine. Rajjo gestures yes. Urvashi says that her duppata consumed and Rajjo should be blissful as she believes her fantasies should be demolished like this duppata. Arjun apologizes to Urvashi.

Rajjo says that it appears Arjun will fault her for the consumed duppata of Urvashi. Rajjo advises him that he redirected her concentration from her work. Urvashi leaves, crying. Arjun says that he couldn’t have ever accused her on the off chance that he hadn’t gotten any verification against her. He says that he won’t fault her now. He says that he doesn’t grasp her and that is the issue. He says that Rajjo can never grasp him. He leaves.

Urvashi secures herself in the room. She gets a sound message from the moneylender who coerces her to give cash. Arjun requests that Urvashi open the entryway and says that he would have rather not ruined her temperament. Urvashi thinks about how to organize the cash. Arjun leaves as Urvashi doesn’t answer. Urvashi considers conversing with Arjun about it.

Pushkar inquires as to whether she has brought the important medication. The attendant gestures yes. He signs the attendant to give it to Manorama and conceals it. The medical caretaker tells Manorama that the specialist sent her for her standard examination. She gives Manorama a few new tablets, saying that they are nutrient tablets to everyday have.

Manorama comprehends that it’s Pushkar’s arrangement and drops the tablet bottle. The tablets pours out of the container. Manorama says that now the tablets can’t be consumed. She leaves. Pushkar sees this and says that she’s brilliant. He considers effectively taking care of the medication to Manorama to make her spill reality.

Rajjo fixes Urvashi’s duppata and gives it to Arjun. Arjun says that Urvashi won’t wear this torn duppata at her wedding. He says that Urvashi fantasies about putting her best self forward at her wedding and has a fantastic wedding, yet Rajjo demolished Urvashi’s fantasy last time utilizing him and is doing likewise this time.

Rajjo inquires as to why Urvashi’s fantasies are just about materialistic things and not about her man of the hour. He inquires as to why Arjun isn’t in her fantasy. She insults the wealthy who measure everything with cash and continue to stifle individuals on whom they leaned toward. Yet, he can’t do that with her. Arjun says that Rajjo will again trap another person. He says that he took in reality and got away and wondere who will be her new casualty. Rajjo lets it out and gets some information about it. She leaves crying.

Rajjo goes to Manorama. She embraces her crying. She starts to sob uncontrollably and regrets about Arjun misreading her and blaming her. Pankhudi shows up there and tells Manorama and Rajjo that Madhu called them. They oblige. The Rajputs ask Manorama to have the tablet. Rajjo additionally requests that her mother take it.

Manorama considers not gulping the tablet. Pushkar requests that the medical caretaker check assuming Manorama gulped it. The medical caretaker checks and affirms that she had it. Pushkar grins and figures that Manorama’s phony amnesia show will end soon. In the mean time, Urvashi goes to Arjun to talk.

Precap: Rajjo and Arjun take a selfie together. Manorama ponders where Rajjo is and considers telling her Pushkar’s reality. Rajjo cries, seeing Arjun with Urvashi. Manorama tosses a shoe at Pushkar and stows away.

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