Pandya Store 2nd December 2022 Written Update:

Pandya Store 2nd December 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dhara requesting that they handle Suman, she is going. Rishita expresses go from my room window. Dhara runs. Suman, Shiva, Jankana and Hari come inside. They get stunned seeing the blood stains on the floor.

Jankana asks what has been going on with Shweta. Jankana and Hari go to Shweta. Suman cries. She asks how did this occur, tell me, it’s obviously false. Krish says its valid. Gautam says Mata ji, your bahu’s body is sent for after death, you arrived behind schedule. Suman asks how might you do this without asking us, where is Dhara.

Gautam says we didn’t realize you will come soon, how could you come. Suman says I flew and came, how can it matter, its my home, I can return whenever. Rishita says we let him know that you will come later, how could you come soon. Suman says train went off track, its great we returned, take me to Dhara.

Shiva says I need to meet Dhara. He sees Gautam’s phony facial hair emerging. Gautam inquires as to for what reason are you gazing at me, peer down else I will send you to imprison. He gets Shiva and says don’t let out the slightest peep, I will make sense of you in the vehicle. He takes Shiva out. Dev says kindly pardon him, we will make sense of him. Gautam says take him. Dev and Krish take Shiva out.

Raavi asks that everything goes fine, Shweta’s reality emerges. Dev tells everything to Shiva. Shiva asks did you go frantic, will you fault anybody to demonstrate Dhara and Raavi right. Dev requests that he comprehend. Gautam says I called the woman constable, she will come. Constable says I m going, I can’t deal with this. Gautam says alright, go, send the woman constable. Shweta gets cognizant.

Jankana embraces her. Dhara looks on from the window. Hari asks Shweta did you truly kill Dhara. Shweta sees Suman. She says no, I didn’t kill Dhara, they all are attempting to approach me. Suman slaps her. She says you have killed my kids’ Yashoda. Dev says stop Shiva, it will get clear in some time. Gautam says prepare to go to prison. He shows the binds. He says compelling reason need to argue to me, argue in the court. He puts the binds. Shweta says I would rather not go to prison. She requests that Jankana save her.

Gautam requests that she come. He says you will get hanged, you are a killer. Dhara looks on. Shweta says I sat idle. Suman asks what has been going on with my Dhara. Rishita says we experience to get harmony for Dhara’s spirit, her killer ought to get rebuffed, we will send Shweta to imprison and get her hanged. Shweta says I m honest, I sat idle.

Jankana says she sat idle, leave her, perhaps it occurred accidentally. Suman asks how might somebody kill accidentally, controller take her, I will hang her immediately. Shweta says trust me, I didn’t kill Dhara. Gautam says court will choose, accompany me. Shweta yells I didn’t kill her.

Shweta says on the off chance that I needed to kill Dhara, I would have killed her in the emergency clinic that day. Suman and Shiva get stunned. Dhara cries and says now reality emerged. Shweta says you need to hear reality, so hear it, it would have been more straightforward for me to kill Dhara in the emergency clinic, yet I didn’t kill her.

Rishita asks what garbage. Shweta says I m saying the reality of the situation, clinic’s primary care physician is my old buddy, similar to I gave medication to Raavi and make her arrive at emergency clinic, I might have done likewise to Dhara and destroyed her by infused any medication, Dhara would have passed on, I didn’t do that, my thought process wasn’t to kill her however to get her removed from this house, to break this whole family, I prevailed in my rationale.

Krish says you are lying, how would you know, how do you have any idea where did Dhara go, Dhara and Raavi had hardly any insight into Raavi’s pregnancy, you got the pregnancy pack after they went out, you don’t make stories to save yourself, say reality.

Shweta says I realized Raavi isn’t pregnant, I got the pregnancy unit for her however didn’t give her, I believed that Dhara and Raavi should go to emergency clinic, it occurred by my arrangement. Rishita says you figure you will trick us, we know your thought process, to get cash, your folks gave cash to Chiku.

Dhara has the custodianship, we didn’t figure you will kill Dhara. Shweta says I was unable to kill Dhara. Krish says I have heard you conversing with your companion that you can successfully get the cash. Shweta says OK, yet I can’t kill anybody, I made Raavi’s phony reports of hatchling expulsion rather fibroid. Everybody is stunned. Shiva reviews Raavi and Dhara’s words. Shweta says Shiva and Raavi moved away always on account of one phony report.

Shiva and Suman cry. Shweta says my arrangement was strong, I got cctv film erased from the emergency clinic, on the off chance that I killed somebody, all of you might have not gotten me, am I a blockhead to remain with a blade before a dead body. Dhara thinks we needed to play a major event to cause you to admit the wrongdoing. Shweta says all of you might have not gotten me assuming that I killed somebody. Rishita grins. Shweta checks everybody out.

Precap: Shiva calls the police. Shweta breaks his telephone. She admonishes the family. She says Krish wedded me to give Chiku to Dhara. He says OK, I don’t figure I did anything wrong.

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