Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd December 2022 Written Update:

Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd December 2022 Written Update on

Banni and Yuvan follow a veiled man who takes photograph collection and departures in a bicycle. Yuvan asks who the individual should be. Banni expresses somebody from our home. She kicks concealed man and makes him tumble down. The two of them likewise tumble down. Banni runs towards the concealed man who runs once more. Yuvan stuck under the bicycle squirms miserably. Banni races to assist Yuvan and notes down bicycle with numbering.

Veiled man joins a blessed parade and uncovers his face that he is Hemant. He reviews every one of the occurrences where he attempted to eradicate proof against him and how he held entire family under dull and needed to kill his own child. He gets back to a woman’s home and tells her that Banni won’t ever realize that Yuvan’s dad needs to kill him.

Banni with Yuvan arrives at a location on which bicycle is enlisted. She sees it locked from outside and opens the entryway with her clip. The two of them go into house and notice an espresso cup recently utilized. They further notification Yuvan’s photographs on a wall and a lady sitting on a seat. They stroll before a lady and is stunned to see Yuvan’s mom Vandana’s sculpture. Hemant consumes pics and figures Banni can never contact him.

Tulika feels crippled reviewing Yuvan asking her not to come before him once more. Agastya inquires as to whether she is prepared or not. Tulika says only 2 minutes and wipes her tears thinking Yuvan is Vanni’s soul mate. Agastya lets Tulika know that tomorrow is Shaking Star’s last rivalry and she ought to be available there. Tulika says singing is only her enthusiasm and not dream, Banni and Yuvan ought to be there. Agastya advises her that she actually cherishes Kabir and attempts to get him.

Banni brings Vandana’s sculpture home. Family is stunned to see that. Banni says she found it in a house where she had gone looking for somebody. Hemant gets back and is astounded to see Banni bringing sculpture there. He goes about as stunned and asks how could she get it. Banni portrays how she tracked down it.

She giggles and says they are acting to conceal their transgressions, she is certain one of them has kept this resolution at that house and address it to decrease the culpability. She charges Alpana and afterward Veeru, who decline. Hemant acts close to home and says Vandana’s resolution has remembered his agony and requests that Yuvan remove it from him. Alpana requests that Viraj remove it. Banni cautions to dare not touch it.

Precap: Yuvan prepares for the singing rivalry and hangs tight for Banni. Banni meets with an auto collision.

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