Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th December 2022 Written Update:

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th December 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Rudraksh embraces Preesha. She requests that he leave her. He tells her that they didn’t got an opportunity to hang out.

He requests that she not isolated him from her. She advises him that they are not in the Khurana house and everybody dozing in a similar room. Everybody awakens hearing a commotion. Sharda takes kids out saying that they will rest outside.

He tells her that terrible happened as of now and presently just beneficial things will occur. She lets him know that she feel like they will get isolated in the future. He tells her that he won’t allow that to occur. He says that their adoration will live in this world regardless of whether they bites the dust.

He adds that they will reawakened in each birth and live respectively in light of the fact that they are made for one another. He fixes the matrimonial chain and ties it around Preesha’s neck ( Title melody plays behind the scenes ). She embraces him.

Following day, Rudraksh carries his family to Khurana house. He says that it’s their home from this point forward. Digvijay lets Khuranas know that it’s their home since starting. Pihu invites them. Preesha reviews that how she went into the house with Rudraksh before and she embraces him. Khuranas gets profound.

Digvijay lets Rudraksh know that he moved everything on the last option’s name. He gives the records to him. Rudraksh expresses gratitude toward him saying that the last option returned his life. Preesha believes that why it seems like it’s a quiet before storm.

Afterward, Rudraksh tells Police assessor that Revati has the child without a doubt. He requests that he figure out that where Revati was residing and disengages the call. He tells Preesha that Revati isn’t uttering a word. He guarantees her that they will track down their child. She lets him know that she trust him however not their destiny.

Ruhi lets Saaransh know that they will rest together today. He advises her that their folks need to get to know each other. Rudraksh sees children and calls them. He says that this evening is exceptional so they will rest together. Kids gets blissful hearing him.

They plays and beat each other with pad. They nods off aside from Rudraksh. Rudraksh awakens Preesha. He removes her from the room. She gets astounded seeing candle light supper game plan. He tells her that it’s their ‘chahatein’.

Precap – Police monitor says that Revati purchased not many meds. Rudraksh and Preesha gets stunned seeing bomb on Constable abdomen.

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