Nima Denzongpa Written Update 2nd September 2022:

Nima Denzongpa Written Update 2nd September 2022 on

Episode begins with Sujatha asking Virat Is he paying attention to her? He gestures to her. Virat professes to apologize to Sujatha to redirect her. He offers to her that he shouldn’t have went behind Nima and foster his affections for her. Sujatha gets energized hearing it.

She adds that he isn’t expressing this from his heart yet in dread. Virat denies it and tells her it’s valid. Sunita imagines that Nima requested her to don’t contact Police to look for help. She is in a difficult situation how she will remain silent here? Sunita chose to contact the police to help her youngster.

Virat apologize to Sujatha for not given regard to her sentiments by any means. He shouldn’t have disregarded her and peered down on her affection for him. He continues to converse with her to redirect her. Nima enters inside and takes a wood in her grasp. Virat guarantees her that he will not sell out her and live with her.

Sujatha asks him Is he expressing it from his heart? He deceives her as yes. Sujatha sees Nima coming behind her. She gets ready and put blade on Virat’s neck. Nima begs Sujatha to leave her Virat. Sujatha tells her he isn’t Virat yet Manav.

Sujatha asks Nima for what good reason would she say she is behind her generally? Is it safe to say that she is figure she can ready to save him from her or she can escape from her? Virat requests that Sujatha leave her. Nima begs her to don’t hurt Virat.

Sujatha shares with Nima on the off chance that she kills Nima, she will vanish from his heart. Assuming she kill Virat his heart will bite the dust until the end of time. Nima will bite the dust without him. She will complete the two of them today. Sujatha cuts Virat yet Nima separates him. She erroneously stands Nima.

Nima chokes her neck and questions her how challenge she to hurt her Virat. Sunita welcomes police there on time. Police captured Sujatha from that point. Afterward, Sunita conceded Nima in clinic. Virar stresses for Nima’s wellbeing. Police comes there to asks him what really occurred? Virat describes to him everything.

Sunita supplicates god to save Nima. Virat approaches god. He tells Ganesh father that he didn’t carry subterranean insect pooja activities pooja. He supplicates god to save Nima thinking she venerated him without expecting anything back from him. He argues god to save his better half. In the event that he resolved, he will stay unyielding. He vowed to remain in one leg untill Nima recovers.

Later Sunita illuminates to Virat that God paid attention to his request. Nima woke up. Virat completed his request. Nima asks Virat Is he okay? He grumblings that she got consicous now however asks about him. Virat tells her that he want to have a typical existence with her with next to no show. Sunita illuminates to them nobody will upset them again thinking police captured Sujatha. She killed numerous people. Police referenced her as chronic executioner.

Sunita requests that they live cheerfully she will move to Suresh. Virat requests her to remain with them. Nima also say something similar. Later Sunita invites Nima inside her home. Virat conveys her inside the house. The two attempts to sentiment with one another. Nima’s little girl calls her and illuminates her Sia is anticipating. Nima gets energized and embraces Virat. Nima shares her past to him and say thanks to Virat for fulfilled her life. She gets back to her home. The two gazes each other with such a lot of affection.

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