Spy Bahu Written Update 2nd September 2022:

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Episode begins with Yohan and Sejal both contemplating the new occasions. Yohan feels regretful of seriously jeopardizing Sejal and his child’s life in view of his suspicions. Ahana advises Veera that she needs to kill Sejal’s child. However, Veera cautions her against it as this will turn Yohan more thoughtful towards Sejal.

She admonishes Ahana for being thoughtless and nearly getting found out by Shalini with Arbaaz. Ahana thinks once she weds Yohan she will eliminate SirJi from her life as well. Sejal converses with her child and tells that she will call him/her hitchki from here onward. She tells about Yohan cherishing the kid a ton independent of any conditions. Shalini comes there with garments and adornments.

She asks Sejal for what reason she is self talking. Sejal tells she is conversing with her hitchki. Shalini requests that she spruce up pleasantly and seem to be standard little girl in law of Nanda house. Veera meets Yohan and talks genuinely with him. She in a roundabout way incites him reminding him about Sejal’s past.

Veera likewise causes him to feel compassion towards Mahira who has been sacrificially adoring him and dealing with his loved ones. Yohan succumbs to her words and says that whenever child is conceived, he will leave Sejal and wed Mahira and furthermore get Sejal rebuffed once her recollections are back. He says both Sejal and Mahira will arrive at their right objective.

Arun moves joyfully during God Bharai custom. Sejal and Yohan dance as well. Shalini and Ahana toss blades at one another through gazes. While Shalini plans to prod Ahana more, Ahana remembers to close Shalini. Shalini and Ahana as consistently have a few chats and Ahana tells in the event that she ought to get some water for her.

Shalini tells her not to blend poison. Ahana says she is as of now noxious from head to toe. In kitchen, Ahana blends medication in the desserts to hurt Sejal and her unborn kid. Shalini comes there however doesn’t get her. Ahana behaves like drinking water and leaves from the kitchen. Arun tells to begin the custom.

Veera favors the child to be sound. While Arun wishes its a child kid. Yohan insults him for his backward attitude. Eunuchs come and dance along. There is a custom to be finished by Sejal’s mom. She inquires as to whether he has illuminated her folks that she is alive. Yohan reviews how Minal had slapped him and faulted him for Sejal’s passing.

Veera says she resembles her mom and will do the custom. Sejal requests that Yohan bring Drishti. Shalini prods Ahana saying even she is like kid’s bhua. Afterward, Ahana calls herself as choti maa of the kid which isn’t preferred by Sejal. Ahana grins seeing Sejal’s upset response. Veera advises Yohan to take care of desserts to Sejal. The episode closes with Yohan causing Sejal to eat the laddoo in which Ahana had blended medication.

Precap – Minal and Saras will come to meet Sejal and find her falling oblivious in the wake of spitting blood.

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