Nima Denzongpa Written Update 1st September 2022:

Nima Denzongpa Written Update 1st September 2022 on

Episode begins with Nima looking for Virat and notice Sujatha’s home locked from outside. She chose to actually take a look at inside the house. Virat hears the sound coming from outside. Virat attempts to unfasten his hand.

Nima really looks at the window yet couldn’t track down anybody inside. She yells their name to stand out. Virat hitting on wall to alarm Nima. Sujatha awakens in this sound. Nima hears the sound and question them whom hitting on wall? Sujatha put blade on Virat’s neck and undermines him to wouldn’t even play with the possibility of making clamor.

In the interim, Sunita offers to Nima that Sujatha might be take him some place. Nima fears that Virat might be at serious risk. She wishes to go to police headquarters. Sunita recommends her to contact Rana he might be help them. Nima contacts Rana and offers her concerns with him.

Rana doesn’t grasp what is going on and separates the call. Sunita tells her he doesn’t figure out their concerns by any means. Nima shares with her that she won’t keep silent like that. Afterward, Nima imagines like enquire Neighbor about Sujatha? They illuminates to her she went out with her loved ones.

Kamala tells her that she hears voice from her home around evening time. She attempts to objection them somebody hitting on wall yet her home is locked. Nima enquires her Is she genuinely heard some commotion? She gestures to her. Nima sees the vehicle there and enquires organic product merchant who owns this vehicle? He tells her nobody selling organic products around here aside from him!

Nima checks the vehicle and tells Sunita something is off-base. She fears Virat is at serious risk. Sunita tells her lets illuminate to Police station! Nima tells her she previously conversed with them however no utilization. Afterward, Sujatha streaks water all over. She shares with him sun raised as of now. She asks him Is he hungry? She will take care of to him. She requests that he eat with her hand. He dismisses his from her.

Sujatha begins snicker at him. She takes off the material from his mouth and put food on his mouth. He yells there however she close his mouth once more. Sujatha shares with him that she truly don’t want to do this to him. She offers to him that she generally wish to take care of like this to her most memorable spouse. Presently she will take care of to him. She asks him Is he like to eat Momos? He gestures to her.

Sujatha asks him Is he reminding Nima? He grins at her. Sujatha guarantees Virat to take care of him. She adds that she want to complete numerous forthcoming work. She cautions him to don’t yell. Virat feels that could effectively escape from here before she return. In the interim, Nima opens the lock effective.

Nima requests that Sunita lock the entryway from outside. She will return few moments and proposes her to remain outside. At the point when she yells she want to open the entryway for her. Sunita appeals to God for her security. Nima begins looks for Virat in Sujatha’s home. Sunita believes it’s getting dim what’s Nima doing inside. Sujatha comes there in mask Sunita conceals seeing her. Sujatha goes into stowed away room. Nima really takes a look at the house and couldn’t track down anybody there.

In the mean time, Sujatha taunts at him for attempting to escape from her. On the off chance that he plays savvy with her, he will isolate from Numa long lasting in light of the fact that he will go to paradise. Nima hears the sound coming from another side. Nima contacts Sunita and gains from her Sujatha is inside the house.

Sunita recommends her to call police yet she requests that she sit tight for few moments. Sujatha shares with Virat quit making a good attempt on the grounds that nobody going to save him. She requests that he eat this momos in quiet. Virat requests that she unfasten his hand. Sujatha tells him she will take care of him. Sujatha admit her wrongdoings to him. Virat spots Nima there. She flags him to stay silent.

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