Molkki 14th January 2022 Written Update:

Purvi checks Satyam’s room. She observes Renu’s ghungroo’s there. It implies Kanha ji is with me. Renu Didi’s previous will direct me ahead. Hirabai said that somebody addressed her about Renu Didi’s arrangement with Sheik. I may discover something in the wake of addressing her. Your end is close to now, Satyam!

Purvi comes to the massage parlor. HIrabai perceives her. isn’t your family content subsequent to offending me? I wont do it to you as well. My entryways are open for everybody. Purvi says I needed to address you about Renu Didi.

She is let inside. Purvi tells Hirabai she is certain it was anything but a self destruction. She dint even slip from porch. Did Renu inform you anything concerning Satyam? I question him. Hirabai says she dint get in touch with us since she left massage parlor. However, she may have addressed her companion Poonam. You can address her. Purvi asks her where she can track down Poonam.

Satyam advises Anjali and Yogi to eat. I don’t feel like it. Yogi demands him amenably. Satyam asks him how he can eat in this house when he is being blamed for killing his significant other. Anjali demands him not to take Purvi’s words in any case. She is upset by everything. She doesn’t have any idea what she is doing. Satyam says I know.

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I even consideration for her as she is our relative. I have examined her personal conduct standard with my numerologist. Yogi asks him what he was encouraged. Satyam says I have been encouraged to leave the haveli as my circumstance can deteriorate in any case. Yogi assumes liability and solicitations him to remain. I guarantee you it wont repeat.

Satyam says Purvi Bhabhi did that under pressure yesterday. doc accepts that she ought to get treated on schedule or she can hurt anybody. You can counsel the doc assuming you need. Yogi gestures. Doc probably thoroughly examined.

Poonam concedes before Purvi that she was in contact with Renu. However, she dint anybody here to look into it. She needed to carry on with an ordinary life as a spouse and mother. She came to meet me when her marriage was fixed. She gave me her ghungroo saying that she needn’t bother with them. However, she took them back some time prior.

Purvi asks her for what valid reason. Poonam shares that Satyam appreciated watching ladies dance. She took them back so she could move before him. It is among a couple however she let me know that Satyam and Renu’s main tune is Maar Dala. Purvi thinks that it is unusual. Her previous lifestyle dint abandon her. Purvi inquires as to whether she knows something different as well.

Poonam gestures. Renu let me know that Satyam fears dim and phantoms since adolescence. He tries to go to Canada. He needed to take her to Canada. She likewise let me know that he doesn’t wear a gold chain. She even taken out hers and kept them to the side so he wont feel awful. Satyam was against keeping the gems in safe. He needed her to look delightful consistently. Purvi feels that Satyam realized that Renu Didi kept her adornments in safe. Did he kill her for cash? I should discover soon.

Doc lets Anjali and Yogi know that thye should treat Purvi soon or she can lose her psychological equilibrium. Anjali says she isn’t frantic. We have experienced a harsh stage. Purvi has held our family together. We will self-destruct assuming anything happens to her. Doc gives them a solution. Give her prescriptions on the off chance that you need her to recuperate rapidly. Anjali knows she wont accept medication as she questions Satyam profoundly.

How might she take drugs then, at that point? Doc encourages her to blend drugs in Purvi’s food. That is how a portion of my patients treat well. She wil be typical in some time then, at that point, and you can quit giving hr drugs. They concur and leave. Satyam emerges from opposite side of the room. Doc lets him know this isn’t right however Satyam claims to hit him.

Doc gets frightened. Satyam tells him not to address him spot on and wrong. We ought to consistently do what satisfies us. Purvi wont have the option to cause any damage to me in the wake of being demonstrated distraught. These drugs wont help her at any rate. They will make her evil all things considered. Doc gets strained. Satyam lets him know that his men will drop his little girl securely at his home at this point. He leaves.

Anjali asks Purvi where she was once she gets back. Purvi tells her that she went to meet Hirabai in massage parlor to track down evidence against Satyam. I realize it is Satyam who has killed Renu Didi. Mukhi ji can’t do something like this. Anjali thinks against pushing her any more. She lets Purvi know that she realizes how stressed she is.

You’re not eating or dealing with yourself. Deal with yourself as well. Purvi says I will find a sense of contentment in the wake of discovering reality. I figured Yogi Bhaiya and you will see yet. Anjali cuts her mid sentence. I would rather not talk about this. Purvi says how this will settle then, at that point. Anjali tranquilly encourages her to overlook every one of the negative considerations that ring a bell. You’re not dealing with yourself. Rest for quite a while. I realize you haven’t eaten anything. She goes to bring nourishment for Purvi.

Purvi returns to Satyam’s room. Satyam realizes that Renu Didi conceals her adornments in safe. He may have either taken them as of now or he would plan to make it happen. She observes the code of the protected in the red journal kept under the protected subsequent to really taking a look at the pantry. She opens the safe and is stunned at the sight. Safe is unfilled.

She tracks down a receipt from goldsmiths. It is a bill of 27 lacs. I was correct that Satyam has sold everything. Nobody trusted me when I was yelling outside. I will show this receipt to Bhabhi now. She gets cheerful reasoning that she will at last get to uncover Satyam. I will bring you home securely, Mukhi ji.

Satyam comes to meet Virender in prison. Virender asks him for what valid reason he is here when he considers him his sister’s executioner. Satyam lets him know he is mixed up. I’m certain you can’t kill your cherished sister. Virender asks him for what reason he sent him to imprison then, at that point.

You were yelling at police to remove me. Satyam says you more likely than not heard that God assists the individuals who with aiding themselves. I saved myself by forfeiting you. Virender approaches him in shock. How treat mean? Satyam says I set out to accuse you. It was me who has pushed Renu!

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