Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Simar let Reema know that she realizes that everybody loathes her here, however this is the present truth, and not of consistently. She says assuming my adoration and commitment is honest then I am certain that I will prevail upon everybody.

Reema says Simar, you are astounding, everytime you do slip-ups and gives huge talks, says your narrow-mindedness came infront of everybody. She gets some information about everybody, our folks, kin and so forth, before marriage and says you left the mandap and the blameless person to wed another person.

She says how childish you are? Simar says OK, I have left mandap for my affection, and not so much for any magnificence show. She says I got hitched to happen to my better half really, and not with any childish and wrong thought processes.

Reema checks out Vivaan. Simar says I came as undesirable lady of the hour here, with my head down and statement of regret, not with insults and dangers. She says I need everybody’s favors and love and in the event that this called narrow-mindedness, then, at that point, I am egotistical. She says this house is mine as well, more than you as I am badi bahu of the house. Sasural Simar ka plays… .Aditi grins.

Simar folds her hands and lets everybody know that assuming she has boldness to stand infront of them, that implies her affection for Aarav is honest and so on Badi Maa requests that she leave before her understanding breaks. Vivaan says Badi Maa. Badi requests that he hush up. Aarav requests that Simar accompany him and says no one will get affected with our quality here.

Vivaan says no Bhai, assuming you both go from here today, recollect that I will likewise leave with you both. He says without you both, this house is of blocks and stones, and says I can’t remain without you, the house which can be fine without one thousand child, can be fine without other great child as well.

Badi Maa yells Vivaan. Chitra requests that Reema stop him. Reema asks Vivaan how might you leave, you have assumed the liability of the house. Vivaan says I am doing my obligation without duping anybody, and lets Aarav know that he feels that Oswal family needs you, and this family is inadequate without you.

Badi Maa asks Vivaan, who gave you the option to take this choice. Vivaan says you have given me and informed that I can take choice for this family and you will uphold me. He says my room will be mine completely and it’s not possible for anyone to meddle. A fb is shown, Badi Maa telling that no one will meddle in his own issues.

Fb closes. Chitra says you are interfacing two unique things. Vivaan says I realize Badi Maa’s guarantee isn’t phony. Badi Maa says I can comprehend your goals. Vivaan says I will likely join the family, whatever I am doing is for the house. Badi Maa says they are outcasts. Vivaan says they are outcasts?

What’s more requests that she see that he is Aarav Oswal, your crown, pride, stars of your eyes and so forth Badi Maa reviews her minutes with Aarav and his affection admission with Simar. She says you are attempting to be smart with me. Vivaan says no. Badi Maa lets Giriraj and Chitra know that their child is exceptionally smart and attempting to befuddle her in her guarantee. Vivaan says according to his point of view, things will get settled. He inquires as to whether she will satisfy her guarantee.

Badi Maa says I don’t break my guarantee, however you ridiculed it and attempting to exploit and attempting to take Aarav inside home. She says I have guaranteed myself that Aarav won’t have any connection with us. Aarav asks truly? Badi Maa says I was hoodwinked by my own kin and got double-crossed by them, however not any longer. She says I won’t dissolve with anybody’s tears. Simar says there may be some way for expression of remorse?

Aarav says Badi Maa makes certain with regards to her guarantee, regardless of whether she needs to forfeit connection or amazing child. Gajendra requests that he mind his tongue. Aditi says no one is here to get you. Sandhya requests that she head inside. Aditi and Vivaan hold Aarav and Simar’s hands. Aarav says this is your qualities, we the kin are joined even today. He says on the off chance that you have guaranteed yourself, then, at that point, I won’t allow it to break.

He says in the event that you don’t need Simar and I to come inside house, then, at that point, we won’t ever come inside. Vivaan says I am additionally making this stride because of Badi Maa’s guarantee. He says my room is completely mine, I can allow anybody to remain there without anybody’s impedance and says I demand you both to remain in my room. He says in the event that you both don’t consent to me, I will take off from the house with you both.

Aarav says you have placed me in quandary and says you need me to take my better half in the house, where she is seen with disdain. Vivaan says that is the reason I asked you both to remain in my room, says you won’t have any issue there, requests that they stay there with full freedoms.

Aarav expresses profound gratitude chote, however I can’t do this. Simar requests that Aarav concur. Aarav dislike this. Simar says we realize that this will occur, and says we made certain to prevail upon them, and inquires as to for what reason would he say he is easing off?

She says you have guaranteed me that you will get my sasural back, and says you need to take me inside, will finish my grah pravesh. Badi Maa says I will see the value in her and says she simply needs to get inside the house at any rate. She insults her. Giriraj asks Aarav, why he is despicable? Badi Maa says they will leave from here. She says we will head inside. All elderly folks head inside. Reema heads inside.

Simar asks Aarav, why you told nothing. She says they are harmed and their resentment will be vent out, and their hearts will be light. She says we will get routine to bear the affront. She says on the off chance that you can tolerate insulting for me, then, at that point, you can do this for family as well. She says Mata Rani is with us, until when she will get us far from them. Vivaan says I would have concurred on the off chance that somebody has caused him to see so well.

Simar says I have become spouse, so my significance has become less. Aarav says you realizes well, how significant you are for me. Vivaan and Aditi stimulates him to concur. Aarav concurs. Vivaan and Aditi get glad. Reema takes a gander at them from far and gets stunned. Simar inquires as to whether we will go inside without a doubt? He gestures his head. Simar embraces him. Aditi and Vivaan embrace them. Reema becomes vexed.

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