Bigg Boss 15 15th January 2022 Written Update:

End of the week Special
Salman invites everybody to the episode. He expresses a ton of things occurred in the house. We should see.

In the House:
Tejasswi tells Karan that Pratik isn’t washing the individual dishes. Karan says then, at that point, put them in the storeroom. Pratik and Karan contend. Pratik says they didn’t wash the container yesterday night. Tejasswi says he left the container the previous evening so we needed to wash it toward the beginning of the day. Pratik says I will wash it, it’s simply a skillet, don’t cry. Tejasswi says he held up till the morning to wash it before me. Pratik says you are idiotic. Karan says do you call your mother idiotic? Pratik says you continue to call me a defeatist. Karan says your mom is idiotic, don’t call Tejasswi dumb once more. Pratik yells at him to not go on his mom. Karan requests that he get lost, you are a *.

Shamita yells at Karan to not go on his mom. Karan says in the event that he calls Tejasswi inept, I will call his mom idiotic. Tejasswi says he is calling his sweetheart dumb so he will call his mom inept as well. Pratik discards a plate and says don’t go on my mom. Karan says on the off chance that Tejasswi is dumb, your mom is moronic as well. Shamita takes Pratik from that point. Shamita yells at Karan that you are off-base here, you can’t assault his mom since he is noting your sweetheart who is essential for the show. Pratik comes there and says you both are dumb. Tejasswi says Pratik is losing it. Karan says I will continue to call your mom idiotic, what can really be done? You need to break more things? I couldn’t care less. Karan says he began it, Devo says you can’t assault his mom.

Tejasswi says Pratik raised the idiotic word. Rakhi yells that he can’t assault his mom. Tejasswi says Pratik couldn’t care less with regards to his sweetheart so he can call lady friends idiotic however Karan can’t call his mom inept? Shamita expresses what are you talking about? Rakhi says you can’t contrast a mother and a sweetheart.
Pratik sits in a corner. Rakhi says Tejasswi is inciting Karan more. Rashami tells Karan that Pratik’s mom isn’t here yet Tejasswi is here, you weren’t right here. Karan says I continued calling him to quit calling her idiotic. Rashami says you are being strange. Karan says I am worn out on him not halting so I needed to remind him what he was talking about.

On the Stage:
Gauhar Khan enters the stage. Salman hits the dance floor with her. He invites her and says you are following the season? She says OK. Gauhar says it’s agreeable, I love OTT individuals Nishant, Pratik and Shamita. I like Karan yet Tejasswi has gone haywire. Salman says Gauhar went in the house and she uncovered the prize, we should see.

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In the House:
Gauhar Khan goes into the house. She says it’s great to see all of you. She says I am here to uncover the prize. She requests that Shamita show it. Shamita removes the drape from the case and says it’s excellent. Gauhar asks Karan. Karan says it’s giving me energy, we battled for this. Gauhar says you need to draw in this prize. Rakhi moves for the prize. All cheer for her. Gauhar says next is Abhijeet, he says verse for the prize. Karan says verse for it as well.

Gauhar says I will call three individuals as top 3 and you need to tell which isn’t your extreme contest.
Nishant: He is chosen as a finalist and he needs to discuss Karan and Tejasswi. Nishant says I don’t think Tejasswi is my rival, she doesn’t battle in the undertakings.

Tejasswi: She needs to discuss Nishant and Rashami. Tejasswi says I don’t think Nishant is my rival, he doesn’t have companions with the exception of his OTT individuals, I have attempted to make companions here. Nishant says you are frightened of the errands. Tejasswi requests that he shut up. He can’t hear reality. She says Nishant doesn’t have a character in the show, he doesn’t battle for himself, I have buckled down in each errand. It was simpler for him as he previously had companions.

Karan: He needs to discuss Pratik and Nishant. He says Pratik isn’t my rival, Nishant played an essential game yet Pratik’s down is basic.
Pratik: He needs to discuss Nishant and Shamita. Pratik says Nishant isn’t my opposition, I couldn’t care less with regards to other people yet Nishant needs to satisfy everybody.
Shamita: She needs to discuss Rashami and Devo. She says I have given much more than them, they are not my opposition. I don’t think Devo is my opposition, Rashami has taken the right stands against Devo.

Rakhi: She needs to pick either Tejasswi and Devo. Rakhi says Devo has recently been battling in the show. I would rather avoid Tejasswi however she gives dramatization to the show while Devo simply continues to battle.

Abhijeet: He needs to pick either Devo and Rakhi. Abhijeet says Devo isn’t my opposition, I had a decent connection with her however she continued to assault me for not a single explanation. The manner in which she battles with me isn’t right.

Devotional: She needs to pick either Abhijeet and Rashami. She says Abhijeet isn’t my opposition, he doesn’t have the right to remain in the house.

Rashami: She needs to pick either Karan and Tejasswi. She says Karan isn’t my rival, he doesn’t play for himself. He questions himself a ton.

Gauhar says dream regarding this prize and play well. She goes out.
On the Stage:
Salman asks Gauhar who will she support? Gauhar says I will uphold Pratik, he has the right to win the show. She leaves the show.

In the House:
Bigg Boss calls detainees in the clinical room and steps through their exams and temperatures.

On the Stage:
Salman interfaces the call to the house. He says all of you had a test done and this variation is terrifying. We have the outcomes now. He says the name of this infection is Knomicron. The patient likes to stroll in groups, they think they know it all. This is risky for your brains and it takes you on some unacceptable way. Salman says certain individuals in the house got impacted by it which incorporates Rakhi, Pratik, and Tejasswi. All giggle. Salman says we won’t discuss Karan.

Salman lets Rakhi know that the infection is that you think you know it all in the house. You know how Karan and Tejasswi should treat, close they ought to be and the way in which they should manage Shamita. Rakhi says I simply make surmises. Salman inquires as to for what reason did you tell Tejasswi that Karan would take off from her outside the house and they shouldn’t be finish everything with the home? Rakhi says I just said to not go too far. We are likewise in the house. Salman says on the off chance that you are envious of them then, at that point, don’t take a gander at them. They are not going too far and individuals are loving them.

Salman says you additionally speculated that in the event that Tejasswi arrives at the finale then Karan won’t win the show. How might you figure that? Rakhi says Karan becomes enthusiastic for Tejasswi, I said he should zero in on his game. Salman says you need Karan to win? Rakhi says Tejasswi is a danger for Karan. Salman says you likewise said that you are familiar the organization and they will make either Tejasswi or Karan a victor and no other person gets an opportunity. Rakhi says I have been returning to the seasons however I won’t ever win. Salman says why not Shamita, Nishant or Pratik? Do you think you know everything? You likewise once said that the channel needs Shamita to be a victor. How would you know it all? We are totally stunned, do you have an insider? Rakhi says I am simply making surmises. Salman says you are giving talks to other people, you have turned into a head in the house. You were engaging in the show from the beginning yet presently you are exhausting. Just return to your zone. She says alright.

Salman says the following one with the infection is Pratik. He thinks the creators are overlooking him and they couldn’t care less with regards to him. He thinks on the off chance that I don’t converse with him in the end of the week episodes then I am disregarding him. I conversed with you when you were turning out badly. I aligned Abhijeet last end of the week since he turned out badly. Pratik says it was my slip-up to pass that remark. Salman says all of you are whining against Bigg Boss and the creators.

Salman says how about we talk regarding Tejasswi who thinks she knows the aftereffects of each undertaking. How creators are inclining toward Shamita. Salman says Tejasswi knows the aftereffects of the assignment even before the errand begins. Do you have any idea who will win the season? Tejasswi says I don’t realize that. Salman says you know it all. Salman says we should advise Tejasswi to quiet down. Salman says she doesn’t esteem Karan. I upheld you a few times so presently you are not esteeming Karan by any means. Try not to underestimate him.

Salman lets the detainees know that all of you think they know everything. Salman says we will play the misconception task with inflatables.

Pratik: He says Abhijeet figures he can say anything insect it would be fine. He breaks Karan’s inflatable and says he thinks he needs to stand firm for everything. He breaks Tejasswi’s inflatable as she might suspect she knows everything.

Nishant: He blasts Abhijeet’s inflatable as he wants to say anything.
Shamita: She blasts Abhijeet’s inflatable as he might suspect he is rarely off-base. She blasts Tejasswi’s inflatable as she might suspect she is in every case right, she passes individual remarks and she continues to go too far.

Devotional: She blasts Abhijeet’s inflatable as he might suspect he is great yet he isn’t.
Rakhi: She blasts Nishant’s inflatable as he might suspect I am not for him since I didn’t pick him for the party. She blasts Abhijeet’s inflatable as he reviles a great deal.
Rashami: She blasts Abhijeet’s inflatable as he might suspect reviling and belittling ladies is engaging.

Tejasswi: She blasts Pratik’s inflatable as he might suspect his game is savvy. He can pass remarks on others however he can’t deal with it when those words are utilized for his family.
Karan: He blasts Pratik’s inflatable as he wants to utilize any language however others can’t. Pratik says you figure I would approve of you calling my mother inept. Salman asks Karan how treated say? Karan says he continued to call Tejasswi idiotic. Salman says on the off chance that you are going as far as his level, you are something very similar. Karan says my examination was off-base, I am upset for that. I simply need him to regard Tejasswi. Pratik says she continues to revile so I need to respond to her back.
Abhijeet: He blasts Shamita, Devo and Nishant swell as they use ladies’ card and continue to assault him.

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