Bigg Boss 15 13th January 2022 Written Update:

Day 103
8 AM
The detainees awaken to the tune assalam e isqhum. They all dance.

8:45 AM
Karan tells Tejasswi that I was unable to play the undertaking after what occurred toward the end of the week episode. I might have requested that Rashami play for me, I ought to have attempted to play. I did a slip-up so what? I shouldn’t play for Nishant when he can’t play for me. Tejasswi says you shouldn’t.

9:30 AM
Shamita sees Abhijeet resting and requests that he awaken, you are defying the guidelines. Abhijeet says you used to rest when you were not a skipper.

10 AM
Rashami lets Nishant know that you act discourteously with me yet I continue to give you consideration. Nishant says I don’t give avocation for anything I do. Rashami says I am discussing correspondence. Nishant says I tried to avoid the manner in which you played against me before. You didn’t uphold me in the discussion task too. Rashami says don’t say that, I was simply being reasonable in the errand. Nishant says you individuals have flipped on me.

2:30 PM
Bigg Boss lets the prisoners know that it’s the ideal opportunity for Shamita to utilize her power. She can supplant one VIP detainee, she can downsize one part. Shamita says Rakhi came here as a VIP, I would rather not minimize her since she has been engaging in the show. Rakhi says thanks to her. Shamita says I simply need her to be reasonable however I see her difficult. She says I am minimizing Tejasswi as Rashami-Devo upheld me so I am repaying them. Bigg Boss asks different prisoners which incorporate Nishant, Pratik, Devo, Rashami and Abhijeet to commonly conclude who played the errand best, that detainee will be overhauled. Abhijeet says I was the most incredible in the undertaking. I didn’t change my side. I played my game. Pratik says talk regarding your exhibition. Nishant says how? Abhijeet says I played my game. Nishant says we as a whole attempted, I utilized my brain to begin the game.

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Tejasswi tells Karan that Shamita figures I ought to be minimized, she was the one saying that Karan ought to have stood firm for myself what not. Pratik says I gave my 100 percent in the errand. Nishant requests that Abhijeet let others talk. They all contend simultaneously. Devotional says I truly needed Shamit to win the undertaking yesterday, I played with all my energy. Rashami says I needed a decent chief that is the reason we didn’t uphold Tejasswi, we realized Shamita would be a decent commander. Nishant says talk regarding your presentation in the assignment. Rashami says I am simply giving my perspective, I played the assignment well indeed. Tejasswi says it was clear they needed to eliminate me from the undertaking since the beginning. Pratik says it was not the situation. Tejasswi says I will clear it toward the end of the week episode. Pratik says we can’t reach a resolution. Shamita tells Tejasswi that I have taken my choice subsequent to thinking a ton. Karan says I advised Shamita to minimize me however she isn’t thinking who is really meriting. Tejasswi says I realized she would minimize me, she generally dislikes me.

3 PM
Shamita tells Rakhi that Tejasswi hasn’t done anything for me in the show, she generally disapproved of me so for what reason would it be advisable for me to save her? I simply need you to realize that Karan-Tejasswi needed to downsize you. We must be reasonable in the assignments. Rakhi says we will.

Tejasswi converses with herself and says should Karan actually uphold Shamita? Bigg Boss is inclining toward Shamita to an extreme.

Shamita lets Karan know that you haven’t done anything for me in the show. I got selected for quite a long time on account of Tejasswi. Devotional Rashami upheld me so I needed to minimize Tejasswi for them.

Tejasswi inquires as to whether he conversed with Shamita to minimize her? Nishant says no, I didn’t.

Shamita tells Karan that I conversed with Nishant yet I don’t figure I could minimize Rakhi, she has been giving a great deal to the show. Tejasswi comes there and says Rashami didn’t request that you minimize me. Shamita says they didn’t request that I guarantee however it was my altruism signal to them. Tejasswi says that is your altruism signal? Shamita says would you like to battle? They upheld me against you, they played for me so I needed to downsize you for them. Tejasswi says that is not a sufficient explanation. Tejasswi says you said you see me in the main 5 so say that you are terrified of me being your rival. Shamita says you are expecting things, you generally disliked me, did you do anything for me in the show? Tejasswi yells that I confided in you that you wouldn’t minimize me, you have misled me, you dislike me. Karan requested that you eliminate him and not me but rather you actually made it happen.

You let me know that you would minimize Rakhi however you lied, I shouldn’t have confided in you. Shamita says you failed to help me in the show. Tejasswi says you eliminated me subsequent to calling me a solid competitor? You continue to alter your perspective. Shamita says you can say anything you need. Tejasswi says don’t lie, I agreed with your position. You continue to get benefits from Bigg Boss, your siblings and companions are shipped off help you, you were ok for multi week when you left the show. Shamita says you continue to spit toxin against me, you are so unreliable. Tejasswi says disgrace on you. Shamita says you are a pity picture, you even have an issue that I had a physical issue. She leaves from that point. Tejasswi lets Pratik know that not all things are not with regards to Shamita. Pratik says not all things are about you either, quit being a casualty. Tejasswi says I don’t should be, all of you generally assault me first in the game. Tejasswi says Shamita is an under-sure young lady, she can converse with Karan in corners however I couldn’t care less. Pratik says quit defrauding yourself. Tejasswi says you individuals continue to assault me in each assignment. Karan takes Tejasswi from that point. He says you can respond yet don’t say all that. He embraces her.

3:30 PM
Shamita lets Tejasswi know that you said I need to be near your sweetheart? She yells at Karan to stop his sweetheart. Tejasswi says you continue to call me unreliable. Karan tells Tejasswi that Shamita isn’t calling you uncertain with regards to our relationship. Rashami says Tejasswi was unreliable when I converse with Karan likewise, she has this issue. Shamita yells at Tejasswi that I needn’t bother with your beau. Tejasswi says she is as yet playing OTT, she said that she can’t turn into Karan’s companion as a result of me. Shamita says quit playing this point. Tejasswi tells Devo that I am secure with regards to Karan yet Shamita continues to say that I am unreliable. Karan advises them to battle yet don’t make a point. Shamita says she is faulting me for my physical issue moreover. Rakhi prods Karan so he snickers and says you have begun this point. Rakhi snickers.

3:45 PM
Karan lets Tejasswi know that you can battle however much you need with her yet don’t bring this point. Tejasswi says it’s undeniably true’s that she is biting the dust to be with you. Karan dislike, don’t say all that. It’s not occurring. Tejasswi says she has no other point except for to battle with me. I needed to show her actual points. It’s great that she turned into a commander and downsized me so presently individuals realize that she generally dislikes me. I could never downsize her as I suspected she is meriting. She said I ought to be in the main 5 however at that point she downsized me? You can’t understand what she is doing. I let you know she has something for you. Karan chuckles and says this is interesting for me.

Nishant lets Rashami know that we can pick Pratik as the best entertainer. Rashami says I would decide in favor of Nishant. Pratik says I needn’t bother with any blessing. Nishant says you are not deciding in favor of any other individual so how about we simply pick you.

Tejasswi tells Karan that Shamita continued to insult Divya that she was not required the primary season, Divya didn’t respond to her back yet actually Divya was at that point in her first stretch, she didn’t require 2-3 opportunities to win the show. Karan says you are correct. He requests that she quiet down. Tejasswi says I want to cry. Karan says it’s great that this was shown. Tejasswi says at last it’s shown that she definitely dislikes me. They won’t allow me to arrive at the finale. They are dependably behind me. Karan says Nishant is against you moreover. Tejasswi says I know, she says I am not playing a compassion card. Karan says she thinks Rakhi is more meriting than you, the crowd can see what she is doing.

Nishant tells Rashami, Devo and Abhijeet to simply pick Pratik. Rashami says I can decide in favor of you yet I can’t decide in favor of Pratik as I don’t get him. Nishant says Pratik will not pick me so we need to observe an answer before it gets dismissed. Rakhi requests that Nishant play for himself.

Rashami inquires as to whether he can pick Nishant as the best entertainer? Pratik says I am fine with it however I need to battle for myself. Rashami tells Nishant that I am deciding in favor of you. Pratik says however I am battling for myself. Nishant says how about we simply pick Pratik. Rashami yells at him to play for himself. Nishant lets Pratik know that you are annihilating this undertaking moreover. Nishant says Abhijeet will not pick me. Rashami says I can’t pick Pratik. Shamita says everybody has concurred for Pratik, just Rashami is remaining. Rashami says I need Nishant to win. Karan converses with Nishant. Nishant says two individuals are not deciding in favor of my name so I can’t persuade them. Abhijeet says I am good with Pratik. Rashami says Nishant can’t stand firm for himself so I can’t as well.

4:15 PM
Bigg Boss asks who they need to move up to a VIP? Nishant says we need to redesign Pratik. Bigg Boss says we will give an assignment to Pratik and Tejasswi. They will battle for the pass to finale. Tejasswi says I definitely know the outcome.

4:30 PM
Abhijeet tells Tejasswi that I will play for you. Rakhi requests that Pratik play for himself.
Tejasswi tells Nishant that I needed individuals to perceive how Shamita dislikes me. Nishant says simply play your game. Tejasswi says everybody is pulling me down here. Nishant says anybody would have been in your place. Karan asks Nishant who might you play for in the assignment? Nishant says I will see the assignment and afterward choose. Karan says I am mentioning you to play for Tejasswi.

Karan messes with Tejasswi that you have Abhijeet on your side worry don’t as well. She chuckles.

Shamita lets Nishant know that individuals try to avoid Tejasswi, assuming you don’t uphold Pratik now then it would conflict with

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