Bigg Boss 15 8th January 2022 Written Update:

Episode begins with Salman Khan’s hello. He compliment Bigg Boss for effectively getting pass to finale week task. He says show got 6 different VIPS. Khan shows Nia Sharma’s undertaking inside the house with the prisoners. He cites prisoner did the undertaking severely. Nia meet prisoners. She perform spoiled organic product task with detainees.

Tejasswi, Rakhi, Abhijit and Nishant gets spoiled organic product. In the midst of the assignment Umar guarantee Tejasswi is VIP and presently she is saying none is her companion in the house. Tejasswi guards herself.

Devoleena gives spoiled organic product to Tejasswi and says post winning VIP she showed her self-importance. She says Rashami is VIP too in this way, Tejasswi is attempting to fix it with her. Rashami concur with Devoleena. Tejasswi guard herself.

Karan gets insulted with Tejasswi for setting stories. They contends with one another post Karan guarantee Tejasswi cited assuming Devoleena will be ousted she will left with no veritable relationship inside the house. He inquires as to whether he is phony to her. Tejasswi shields herself. Umar side Karan. Verbal contention occur between Karan, Umar and Tejasswi.

Rakhi chats on camera and says she won’t allow anybody to live in harmony. Afterward, Karan asks Tejasswi not to depict him awful before the fans. Tejasswi become furious. Shamita, Nishant, Pratik and others conflicts with Tejasswi. Rashami and Devoleena talk with one another with regards to Tejasswi being mean.

Shamita talk with Umar, Rashami and Abhijit. She says Tejasswi is attempting to get compassion.

Salman Khan meet prisoners and talk with Tejasswi for attempting to play compassion card. Tejasswi safeguard herself. Khan inquires as to whether she is inside the house to make companions. He counsel Tejasswi not to play ‘compassion card’ present last option takes a stab at shield herself.

Ahead, Salman says he will school Karan today. Karan snickers. Salman referenced that Karan cited Tejasswi and Shamita are comparative yet their age is unique. He requests that Karan tell the comparability among Tejasswi and Shamita. Nishant says the two turns child when talks affectionately. Salman concur with Nishant.

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Salman counts likeness among Shamita and Tejasswi. He adds Karan never stands firm for any of his companions with the exception of Umar. Shamita tells to Salman that she is baffled with Karan post discovering that he made ‘feeling’ task dropped purposefully. Conversation on ‘feeling task’ proceeds among Salman and detainees.

Salman says Karan avoided any and all risks by not picking Shamita and Pratik both in the feeling task. Karan neglect to shield himself. Have guarantee Karan would rather not take any choice by his own. He exhortation Karan to begin taking represent his friends and family.
Further, Salman takes Tejasswi’s class for denouncing producers for making points. He requests that Tejasswi come out from her air pocket.

Khan question Umar assuming that he anticipate that Karan should play for Rashami than why he don’t do same for Tejasswi. Umar acknowledges he try to avoid Tejasswi’s down. Tejasswi grievance Salman for blaming her for playing compassion card. Salman clears to Tejasswi that she is a tough individual along these lines, regardless of Karan being her sweetheart he never took represent her.

Ahead, in the episode Tejasswi cries post Salman reproves Karan for requesting that his sweetheart apologize Umar without fail and not taking represent her. Have add due to Umar, Karan neglected to make any relationship inside the house.

Afterward, Salman crushes Abhijit for utilizing harmful language. He says he will oust him and will beat him on the off chance that he keeps on being this way. Abhijit leave the spot. Khan says choice on Umar will be taken on Sunday.

Abhijit requests that Bigg Boss open the entryway. He says he would rather not be in the show as they are depicting him wrongly.

Karan, Umar and Rashami share a discussion with one another. Umar and Rasahmi console Karan as he becomes disturbed from getting a rude awakening from Salman. Tejasswi and Shamita attempts to clear their disparities.

On the stage; Salman invite Nia Sharma. She advance her forthcoming melody ‘phookle’.

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