Bigg Boss 15 5th January 2022 Written Update:

Day 94
9:15 PM
Rashami inquires as to whether he arranged things with Tejasswi? Karan says when she blows up then she doesn’t understand what she is talking about and to whom. Rashami says simply be cautious, it’s the last week. Karan says she is calling me a weakling, Pratik straightforwardly challenges me on the show and she is supporting him? Calling me a quitter? I can’t do this, I can’t manage it. It’s about the help, I would consume the world to stand firm for her. She doesn’t pay attention to anything against Nishant. Assuming she is so fixated on Pratik then the thing would she say she is doing of me? Rashami says Pratik dealt with me in the assignment so I said I am glad for him however Umar became furious, he is right on the money so I said sorry to him. He is influencing me to such an extent. Karan says you are influencing him as well. Rashami cries and says he impacts on me out of nowhere. Karan says he resembles that, he is Umar. Rashami says he is extremely great from the heart. Karan says I can take an assurance of that.

10:15 PM
Karan tells Tejasswi that I love you a great deal, more than yesterday. I’m extremely troubled today as you were not with me. I can’t stand it when you support others. I really want somebody to control me. Tejasswi says I said a solitary word to you however you offended me such a lot of today, I was crying yet you didn’t care the slightest bit? Karan says I realize your inner self was harmed. Tejasswi says I was harmed and you are still improperly tolerating it. Karan says you bounce in the pool like I am harming you what not. Tejasswi says I am drained. Karan says you are against your sweetheart and supporting Pratik. Tejasswi cries and says show at least a bit of kindness, I am crying so let me be. Karan says I was harmed as well. Tejasswi says simply let me be. Karan pulls her closer and embraces her.

11:30 PM
Karan gives batteries to Shamita and leaves. Tejasswi comes to him and says you couldn’t care less assuming that I am crying yet you are dealing with her? Karan expresses these things are not associated. Tejasswi says take your coat back. He says sure. She tosses water at him, he assaults her with water moreover. She snickers and says you are dead. Karan embraces her and snickers. Tejasswi says you are changing everybody’s batteries? He says OK. Tejasswi says you say you are possessive however you do that then, at that point? I will respond so don’t blow up at this point.

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Day 95
9 AM
Rakhi tells Umar that Rashami can’t walk. Pratik says Devo is feeble, he gets some information about obligations? Tejasswi says VIPs can work in the house. Umar says you were a similar individual who was not prepared to wash her dishes. Tejasswi says I said to help every one of the divisions or don’t accomplish any work then, at that point. Umar tells Karan that Tejasswi needs us to work in the house. Tejasswi says I didn’t say that. Rakhi says they are VIPs so they can’t work.

9:15 AM
Tejasswi inquires as to whether he brought her tea cup? He says no, Umar made tea for me. Tejasswi says so he didn’t cause tea for myself and you to are fine? Karan says quit battling with him then, at that point.

9:30 AM
Devotional is making tea, she makes for Tejasswi too. Karan asks what was the deal? Tejasswi says you don’t have the respectability to try and hang tight for me, it’s not Umar’s issue in the event that he made the tea however you didn’t sit tight for me. Karan says he gave me tea yet I should battle with him since he didn’t make tea for you.

10:15 AM
Rakhi lets Karan know that assuming Tejasswi turns into a finalist then we can’t. Karan says my relationship to the side, I can’t prevent anybody from winning. I need my companions to be finalists. Rakhi says however be reasonable. Karan says we were reasonable even yesterday. Rakhi says in the event that Tejasswi isn’t a finalist then Karan may win.

10:30 AM
Karan gives the brush to Abhijeet and requests that he begin cleaning. He says I will attempt. He begins cleaning the floor. Karan tells him the best way to utilize the brush and says do it quick. Abhijeet covers his face with frightened, Karan chuckles.
6:15 PM
Pratik advises Devo that I am prepared to help individuals, I never said that you are defenseless so I am helping you.
Karan jokes that Rakhi doesn’t flush in the wake of utilizing the washroom. Rakhi says I flushed it, I don’t have a clue who did it. Karan lets Tejasswi and Rashami know that somebody isn’t flushing the latrine. Rakhi says it should be Tejasswi. Shamita snickers and says these individuals. Shamita flushes the latrine and hacks.

6:45 PM
Abhijeet messes with Pratik and requests that he make tea. Shamita says you can make your own tea. Pratik begins going to make tea for him. Abhijeet says he is my sibling. Devotional says he must be joking. Pratik begins making tea for Abhijeet and says it’s anything but nothing to joke about.

7 PM
Rakhi tells Abhijeet that Devo doesn’t need Pratik to make tea for you. Abhijeet says I can give my life for her. Devotional leaves from that point indignantly. Rakhi requests that Abhijeet wash the dishes which was Devo’s obligation as she isn’t well. Devotional proceeds to begin washing the dishes. She says Pratik was reviled by him, that man even reviled his folks however he is making tea for him? Pratik says don’t pass judgment on me, you converse with him when you need. I won’t give any clarification to you.

7:45 PM
Karan messes with Shamita and Rakhi. Tejasswi chuckles.

9:15 PM
Tejasswi is eating desserts and says I need to complete it before Rakhi is here. I need to ask Karan any other way he will become furious. Pratik says they are puerile in their relationship, it’s the special night time frame. Tejasswi says that is valid. Tejasswi calls Karan and causes him to eat desserts. He asks where did you get it from? Tejasswi says Shamita discarded it so I got it from the container and warmed it. They all eat it. Nishant requests that Karan take from the VIP room and give them something.

12:30 AM
Rashami embraces Umar and says you have been hollering at me for 2 days. Umar says I am going through torment so I need to be separated from everyone else, we will talk tomorrow. I was going to get disposed of. He hears Devo crying in torment and goes to rub her leg. Rashami looks on.
Day 96
8 AM
The detainees awaken to the melody kambakht ishq. They all dance. Nishant and Tejasswi track down an arrangement in the nursery

9:30 AM
Devotional is lying in the bed and inquires as to whether there would anyone say anyone is near? Rashami asks what she really wants? She says I want an oil knead. Rashami says I will come to you. Devotional says you should be in torment as well. Rashami says it’s fine. She rubs her foot, Devo cries in torment. Rashami sings that Bigg Boss carried us to this stage.

9:45 AM
Karan tells Tejasswi that Rakhi doesn’t need you to be a finalist. She needs to get less solid prisoners the finale. He says Nishant believes that you get disturbed with Shamita’s name so he told that to Rakhi. Rakhi has fired raising Shamita so we both battle with one another. Nishant has raised Shamita’s point before you. Tejasswi says I have seen that Shamita is next level possessive, I attempt to be full grown however assuming it was her in my place then she would have gone off the deep end. You are likewise possessive, you blew up in light of the fact that I used to converse with Vishal yet you need me to be fine assuming you are dealing with Shamita. You both are scoundrels. Karan says I simply needed to discuss the finale, I need to leave. He leaves from that point. Tejasswi says you generally leave when I converse with you. Rakhi says they continue to battle the entire day and afterward embrace at evening. Karan says such is reality. Rakhi says you ought to have chosen Shamita rather than her.

10:15 AM
Abhijeet brings tea for Devo and requests that she drink it. Shamita inquires as to whether she is alright? Devotional takes the teacup from him and beverages it.

Karan tells Umar that Rakhi is purposely carrying my name up with Shamita, don’t be a piece of it. He tells Rashami that Rakhi began another point. She is prodding me with Shamita’s name to drive Tejasswi mad. Tejasswi says I am not hearing so you don’t need to murmur. Karan says this is actually the thing I am discussing, you continue to become furious. Tejasswi says I don’t have anybody to converse with. Karan says quit insulting me, we are not against you. Karan tells Rashami that Rakhi is playing a game. Tejasswi says you don’t allow me to talk. Karan yells at her to stop it. What is his pessimism, you are not in your faculties. Rashami explains to Tejasswi for what reason would he be able to converse with me? Karan says for what reason would I murmur things to her? For what reason would you say you are provoking me constantly?

11:00 AM
Tejasswi inquires as to whether he can let her discussion briefly? He says alright. Tejasswi says these producers can see that she (Shamita) doesn’t have a point so they are making a point with me yet I won’t allow them to involve me for any point. I’m extremely brilliant. I was only irate with you. Karan says mind blowing. I can’t hear this.

11:15 AM
Karan requests that Tejasswi quit getting bothered with him. Tejasswi says I simply need to talk. Karan says don’t talk horse crap. Tejasswi says you have made a gathering and you don’t include me in anything. Karan says you changed your gathering. You picked Devo and disappeared. You have battled with Umar and Rashami. I realize you will converse with Nishant now. He says I know it all, Nishant will admit. Tejasswi expresses what? He said that he had eyes only for me from outside. Karan says you go through the entirety of your day with him, I couldn’t care less in the event that his heart breaks. Tejasswi says how do you have at least some idea that? Your heart may break. Karan says there are a many individuals to retouch my heart however he doesn’t have anybody. Tejasswi says I can change the game. Karan says I know your games. Tejasswi says I won’t leave as you do consistently.

3 PM
Karan peruses the assignment ‘house division’. Shamita, Nishant, Pratik, Devo, Abhijeet and Tejasswi will play the assignment. They will attempt to prevail upon various pieces of the house. The champ will get a unique power. There will be a discussion where they will examine and give a title to another detainee. The title will be connected to one piece of the house. The detainees need to protect and denounce others with the titles. The appointed authorities will settle on a choice, VIPs will be the adjudicators. The discussion champ in each round will win the house part. Toward the finish of the house, the detainee with the most house parts will win the assignment. It’s critical to win the undertaking at this stage as they are near the finale.

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