Meet 14th January 2022 Written Update:

Meet says to Meet Ahlawat says I comprehend the reason why you disregard me, Meet Ahlawat says accompany me and acquaint her with everybody as his significant other and requests that his partners proceed with their lunch and says Meet come lets eat at an awesome spot.

Meet and Meet Ahlawat seating on their vehicle, he says how about we have food conveyed by you, Meet says you eat calmly give me 5 stars, Meet Ahlawat says have you eaten anything, Meet says not yet, Meet Ahlawat says to this end I requested pizza for us,

Meet says when did you become so shrewd, and we go out to work and not timepass, no cheating with work, this isn’t right, he says fine I comprehend and this grumpiness is all since you are ravenous, have food, and I realize there is part of entanglements back home, so give it some time.

Babita prevents Sunaina from meeting Tej and says you are nobody to him, you joyfully chose to wed and presently you have lost generally freedoms here, so if it’s not too much trouble, return, Sunaina says nobody can prevent me from meeting Tej, and calls Tej, Sunaina requests that Ragini help her, Sunaina tells Raj, you realized I wasn’t prepared for marriage, converse with Tej he looks resentful, Raj says he isnt annoyed with you, really he has lost his memory.

Meet requests that Meet Ahlawat add oregano to her pizza, both partake in their lunch. Meet says bye currently, Meet Ahlawat says finish this last piece and both offer it and Meet leaves.
Raj requests that Ragini continue on and fail to remember Tej, this house and Tej will just damage her, Sunaina says how might I continue on when I realize Tej is here and needs me,
I hung tight for Tej and needed all the time to, how might I leave now, Raj says you are my girl first and I need you to see you glad to, there isn’t anything left here for you, such an extremely long time you resided in anticipation of him returning and presently you need to stand by additional for his memory to return, God has allowed you another opportunity with Ravi, so continue on with him, I realize this is truly challenging however pay attention to your dad and return home.

Babita tells everybody, nobody will tell Meet and Meet Ahlawat, Sunaina was here I need them to remain out. Manushi sees this and says thes individuals have their own unusual show.

Meet Ahlawat in his room, and has bothersome back, he utilizes a holder to take care of him and calls Meet to help him, Meet strolls in with Manushi, Manushi says look jiju is sitting tight for you, this young lady is distraught Jiju needed to lay down with me however I said I would rather not separate both of you,

Meet says enough of conventions and Meet Ahlawat approves of me dozing, he knows and gets me, Manushi says that is great, so he needn’t bother with you yet I do come, Meet Ahlawat says Meet stop and holds her hand, Manushi chuckles and says I let you know he would rather not rest without you, bye love birds and leaves

Meet says whats amiss with you, Meet Ahlawat says my back is going off the deep end its so irritated, Meet says sit and pulls his shirt up and applies baby powder, to relieve his tingling, both feel a little abnormal, Meet Ahlawat cleans powder of Meet’s hand and expresses gratitude toward her.

Masum stops Manushi and expresses what are you upto, I see insidious grin, Manushi expresses how treat mean, Masum says stop this dramatization, I know why you are here, we as of now have one difficulty from your home and you are one more here, Manushi says Dadi generally said an individual who thinks awful sees awful,

Masum yells at Manushi, Manushi says bring down your volume, in the event that Babita aunt observes it, she will be extremely vexed, Masum becomes irate and leaves. Manushi takes a gander at the house and says I have played defining moments to reach here, and its to accomplish my fantasy, today everybody sees me joining Meet and Meet Ahlawat in light of the fact that later I will isolate them and I have as of now begun my arrangement.

Babita available to work in regards to operations for her shop, Raj and Meet Ahlawat strolls to her. Meet strolls to them with Tej, chatting on call in regards to her conveyances. Raj says thess two are occupied seems as though we men need to coordinate Lohari, Ram says right, no concerns we will do it and its Meet’s first lohari and Tej is here as well.

Manushi checks out Meet Ahlawat and sends him message. Babita says I’m planning selective dress for herself and it must be exceptional and essential. Meet Ahlawat disregards Manushi’ s message, she messages once more. Ragini says Meet lohari is exceptionally extraordinary capacity, Meet ganders at Meet Ahlawat.

Meet gets call, Ragini says to Babita she will deal with all courses of action, Manushi says Meet is exceptionally occupied with her work, so assuming its fine I will help Ragini aunt, since I am free and feel abnormal, so if it’s all the same to you. Meet strolls in sorry I was occupied, Babita says Ragini, on the off chance that you need you can ask Manushi for help, Ragini says alright. Manushi again messages Meet Ahlawat and grins checking out him and thinks how long will you disregard since now I am going no place and this Lohari will bring us closer.

Precap : Meet says I will deal with this and nobody can stop me, Anubha becomes irate and says don’t attempt to be my bread proprietor come here as a wedded girl that is it and returns her cash and pushes her out of door.Meet Ahlawat tells Manushi, we have no connection, you don’t make any difference to me nor you exist, Manushi says you are frightened in light of the fact that you have something in your heart.

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