Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd November 2022 Written Update:

Main Hoon Aparajita 3rd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Aparajita on the call requesting that Asha prevent Mohini from coming higher up. Asha tosses the ball at the jar. The jar falls on the floor. Mohini goes down the stairs to admonish the children who tossed the ball inside. Disha hurls the charger however Aparajita neglects to get it.

Mohini sees there is nobody outside and goes higher up once more. Asha ready to come in case of an emergency cautions her mom and sisters to complete their work soon as she can’t stop Mohini any longer. Aparajita gets the charges and hands it to Amma. She guarantees her that they will take her soon and that Mohini.

Amma says she will deal with Mohini and conceals the telephone. Mohini goes into the room. She asks what’s she doing approach the window and inquires as to whether she is sitting tight for her girl. Amma says you didn’t accomplish something useful by isolating me from my little girl.

Mohini attempts to caution her however she acts pleasantly with Amma seeing Akshay’s entrance. She tells her she can get rest by remaining higher up. Amma says she will settle things soon. Akshay asks what occurred. Mohini says I’m taking great consideration of Amma however she is reviling me.
Akshay says he will converse with her.

Akshay tells Amma that Mohini rectified by moving her to a higher up room, in this way you can get rest and Aparajita can’t come here. He says once I lost my mother to Aparajita however not any longer. Akshay says you’re remaining with me so my choice is conclusive and Mohini is blameless.

Amma ridicules Akshay for trusting Mohini. Akshay requests that she take a rest and leaves the room. Mohini tells Amma that she can do nothing by griping to her child. She guarantees Amma that she won’t let her meet Aparajita yet will illuminate her each day the way in which she is demolishing Aparajita and her girl’s life. Amma advises her that she also has a little girl, and expectations she will not get distributed for your violations. Mohini leaves locking the room.

Chavi, Aparajita, and Disha put food on the mat. Asha asks Aparajita mightn’t they at any point bear the cost of an eating table. Chavi requests that she control her cravings. Aparajita says it’s great to dream and one day they can get the things they need. Disha, Chavi, and Asha grin.

Akshay on video call converses with his girl and commitments her that he will not illuminate anything to Mohini. His girl says thanks to him and lets him know that she is coming in 2 days to astonish Mohini. Akshay tells her he will accept her from the air terminal. She concurs and separates the call. Mohini comes there and asks with whom he is talking?

Akshay says nothing significant. He requests that she send Aparajita things to Aparajita’s place. Mohini inquires as to why he is thinking often more about them. Akshay says he really focuses on kids, not so much for Aparajita. He requests that she keep it simple as Aparajita went out. He leaves. Mohini chooses to show a thing or two to Aparajita for remaining close to them.

Aparajita meets the Bank supervisor and requests a 25 lakhs credit showing her clothing business IT returns and lets him know that she needs to grow her business. The bank chief will not give her a credit and tells her that they can’t endorse an advance as there is no property in her name. Aparajita says you don’t put stock in ladies that is the reason you’re dismissing credit however I will disprove you by growing the business.

Mohini makes her laborers toss Aparajita and her little girl’s things on street. She advises them to clear the trash. Asha and Chavi see their things. Asha calls Disha. Aparajita emerges from the bank. She sees retailer is going to undermine the young lady by requesting that she come in their vehicle to draw cash. The fact that she is Akshay’s little girl makes aparajita clueless.

Disha emerges and attempts to stop Mohini. Mohini men push her. Chavi and Asha support her. They say how about we call mother yet Disha stops them saying Aparajita is in the bank. Disha, Chavi, and Asha pull their mother’s saree from Mohini’s men. Chavi gets a call and goes aside. The retailer sends the young lady with his men and signs him. Aparajita sees it and prevents the individual from taking the young lady with him in his van.

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