Sanjog 3rd November 2022 Written Update:

Sanjog 3rd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Tara requesting Gauri to clean her shoes and request that she care for her hair as her birthday is coming and she needs to look the best. Gauri grins and expresses that she had some awareness of her birthday and declares that she is her mom and not Amrita.

Though, Gopal sees them and hears their discussion from the entryway. Tara giggles as she hears Gauri’s assertion and announces that she have no status to turn into her mom. Gauri guarantees to finish Tara’s work and afterward begins prompting her against Amrita.

Gauri lets Tara know that there is a sovereign and princess. She proceeds with that the sovereign is extremely awful and she generally used to chide the princess to accomplish practically everything. Tara gets frightened and reviews her minutes with Amrita. She recalls how she used to reprove her all an opportunity to go about her responsibilities.

Gauri sneers and says that how the sovereign used to torment the princess while Tara gets apprehensive. In the interim, around then Amrita comes there and becomes befuddled seeing Gauri inside Tara’s room. While, Tara takes a gander at Amrita being unfortunate. She personally drinks the milk and remains quiet while Amrita acclaims.

Amrita goes to bring Chanda inside Tara’s room so that the two of them can rest. In the interim, Rajeev and Rajeshwari enthusiastically makes arrangements for Tara’s birthday. Around then the last option comes there in school uniform. Rajeev states that Tara will not go to class and request that she start her groundwork for the birthday celebration.

Tara gets thrilled and eliminates her pack while Rajeev gives position to Amrita to instruct dance to Tara and furthermore request that she deal with the birthday festivity. Amrita cheerfully acknowledges it and starts instructing dance to Tara. In the mean time, Gauri and Chands sees them from aside.

Ahead, Gauri request that Chanda go towards Amrita and begins hitting the dance floor with them. The last option consents to her mom and starts moving before Amrita and Tara. Though, the last option acclaims Chanda while Tara gets incensed as well as envious if Chanda and yells at Amrita for just adulating Chanda.

Tara goes towards Gauri and request that she show her dance. Amrita request that Tara return to her and starts pulling the last option towards her yet Tara begins crying. Rajeev comes there and get some information about the matter, while Tara gripes about Amrita. Rajeev reproaches her and allows to Gauri to instruct dance to Tara.

Further, Gauri instructs dance to Tara while the last option gets desirous seeing Amrita hitting the dance floor with Chanda. Amrita additionally tracked down about Gauri’s ploy to draw near to Tara and defies her that she won’t allow Gauri to win. The last option reminds Amrita that Tara is her own blood and broadcasts that she will not have the option to isolate them. Amrita likewise challenges Gauri that Chanda and Tara both will move while the last option frowns at Amrita.

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