Sanjog 2nd November 2022 Written Update:

Sanjog 2nd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Amrita caring for Tara. She brushes her hair while the last option shouts in agony and tells that Amrita is harming her. She request that she delayed down, while the last option attempts to detangle Tara’s hair. Around then Rajeev comes there. He grins at Tara and sits alongside them. He get some information about the matter and advises Amrita to never trim Tara’s hair. He plays with it and makes Tara snicker, while Amrita gets cheerful seeing her family blissful. In the mean time, Gauri purposefully in the middle among them and converses with Rajeev.

Amrita gets rankled seeing Gauri yet controls herself. While, Tara demands Rajeev to play with her yet he denies and inform her about his significant gathering. He tells that he came there just to pick his record and says goodbye to them. In the mean time, Tara request that Amrita take her to the recreation area to play.

Amrita questions Tara about her school and advises her to finish her schoolwork. Gauri hears their discussion and gets a thought. She goes inside the kitchen and deliberately screws with the broiler. She begins yelling while Amrita comes there and sees the consuming inside Stove. She chastens Gauri and cautions that it might have impacted.

Gauri deceives Amrita and says that she doesn’t have any idea how to utilize it. Amrita sends her away from that point and starts taking care of the issue. Though, Gauri goes to Tara and request to show up with her to the recreation area. The last option gets cheerful and followed Gauri. Tara appreciates as Gauri makes her play in the swing.

Gauri sneers pondering her arrangement and stops the swing. She purposefully tangles Tara’s hair to the swing and pushes her. The last option begins crying because of agony while Gauri draws out the scissor to trim her hair. Tara cries asking not to trim her hair, while Gauri expresses that it is fundamental.

Ahead, Amrita and Rajeev searches for Tara while Gopal lies to the two of them. In the mean time, Chanda brings Amrita towards Tara and the last option gets stunned seeing her little girl in torment. She stops Gauri and detangles Tara’s hair. She quiets her little girl and afterward sends her alongside Chanda. She then, at that point, defies Gauri and reprimands the last option for her deeds.

Rajeev additionally comes there and Gauri induces him against Amrita and announces that she doesn’t care for Tara well. He then, at that point, defies Amrita and admonishes her, while she informs him concerning the amount she accomplishes for her little girl. She gets sad eyes as he contrasts her and a caretaker. He gets harmed and murmurs his mom’s name while Amrita causes him to understand that nobody can assume a mother’s position.

Further, Amrita goes up against Gauri and gets irate at her. She offers her cash and asl to avoid her girl while Gauri request to tell the secret word of gems room. Amrita and Gauri gets into a contention while the last option takes steps to put Gauri behind the bars yet the last option doesn’t returns frightened and answers once again to Amrita. In the mean time, Amrita decides to safeguard her little girl. Afterward, Gauri brings agreeable cushions for her family while Gopal values her endeavors and demands her to come clean to Tara.

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